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25th April 2017

Why does West Hampstead Amenity & Transport not oppose a seven-storey block?

    Published: 11 February, 2016

    • AMONG hundreds of comments about the proposed development at 156 West End Lane, a mere few are supportive. 

    Most are from long-standing Labour Party members.

    The only local group in support is West Hampstead Amenity & Transport (WHat). Perhaps the existence of high-profile Labour Party members on the WHat committee might explain this.

    Save West Hampstead “Stop the Blocks!” sent WHat the developer’s overshadowing diagram of Crown Close open space and children’s play area. 

    It shows a private seven-storey block plunging the area into deep shadow from afternoon onwards; by anyone’s standards a severely detrimental impact on amenity. WHat’s objections to this? None!

    This is even more curious given WHat’s comments on smaller planning applications. 

    In July 2015 WHat strongly objected to seven four-storey town houses on Blackburn Road. The proposals had no impact on open space, residents’ homes or conservation areas, yet they objected on height, amenity, overshadowing/ over­looking, parking, and employment.

    By what reasoning does WHat support seven-storey blocks metres from homes and gardens on Lymington Road within the conservation area? 

    WHat claims only residents “views” might be affected, ignoring the severe loss of light that would fall below minimum guideline standards.

    No objections to pressures on schools and GPs threatened by hundreds of new residents, or on amenity, transport or infra­structure; no mention of “over-development” despite proposals exceeding London Plan maximum density guidelines. Instead WHat suggest density could be increased further! Nor are parking pressures an issue, or loss of long-term employment at Travis Perkins. WHat worryingly states that “light-industrial use has had its day”.

    It’s time for WHat, our Labour council, new Labour councillors, MP and our local Labour Party to listen to residents whom they purport to represent. 

    Save West Hampstead ‘Stop the Blocks!’ Campaign Team



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