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26th April 2019

Give us the bike lanes

    Published: 2 February, 2017

    • I WANTED to add a view in favour of the Delancey-Pratt bike route.  

    I live in Kentish town, work at London Business School on Regent’s Park, and I take my 10-year-old daughter over to St Christina’s primary school near Primrose Hill.

    We both have bicycles and we planned to make the short ride each day. My sense is that riding bikes not only reduces pollution, it also keeps us active and instils good values. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to make our way through Camden on bikes. The roads are narrow and people are frustrated in the morning and sometimes drive erratically and run lights.  

    We end up walking the bikes on the sidewalk, which angers pedestrians and makes a short trip of two miles seem very long indeed. We were thrilled when we saw the possibility of segregated bike lanes involved with the Delancey-Pratt bike route. This path would have allowed people on our side of Camden to get from Royal College Street to Regent’s Park. Follow through on the plans for these bike lanes.




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