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23rd April 2019

Want a winter sun tan? Here’s how to make your summer glow last

    SURFERS seem to be the only people who can maintain a year-round, natural tan. But, not all of us can career a fibreglass board along a 20 ft wave as a profession. For most people, taking an annual holiday to sunnier shores than the UK is the only opportunity we have of getting a golden tan. And after returning home, it becomes a matter of making it last as long as possible. However, opinions differ on what skin routines really help lengthen the life of a tan. According to beauty experts, it’s all about staying moisturised. Cold showers are meant to aid circulation and won’t dehydrate the skin as fast as a hot one will. But how many of us want to be bathing in icy water during a British winter? Snail slime is another alternative option, which has recently built momentum amongst celebrities for its anti-wrinkle, acne-clearing and moisture enriching properties. Although the French may eat them, applying their clear goo to the body is another matter. Beta carotene supplements are also supposed to help, but entirely changing a person’s diet is a big step to take. 


    Forget the fads and fancy trends, the real secret to maintaining a healthy glow lies in following a basic skin care routine. But, this routine doesn’t’ just start after the holiday; it begins before we even board the flight. For a step-by-step guide to holding on to your natural tan, take a look the infographic below. Made in conjunction with Hayes and Jarvis, it features handy tips and tricks from some of the UK’s best beauty and travel bloggers.



    Skin Glowing

    To cure dry skin and get natural moisturizing, mix honey, vegetable with lemon juice and apply over the skin.

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