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26th April 2019

Taking on the tower is a lonely business

    Published: 1 December, 2016

    ALAN Spence, 90 years old, has thrown in the towel and given up his legal fight against a controversial Camden council scheme to build a 25-storey tower block in Somers Town. All his spare cash has gone on lawyers’ bills in his lone battle which ended on Friday. 

    Being civic-minded just wasn’t enough.

    Remember, if you want to legally contest a development project you are on your own – the law should be changed but as it stands you have to pay out of your own pocket if you want to test a scheme in the High Court.

    But Slaney Devlin, another opponent of the skyscraper project, is bravely taking the next step in her fight on behalf of the Somers Town Neighbourhood Forum. Her lawyers have given the council a three-week deadline to respond to the case against the scheme. 

    When the deadline expires, a High Court judge will test the argument.

    How will she cover estimated costs of £6,000 or more? By crowd funding online. 

    This week she is making contact with the Crowdjustice web site. 

    All uncharted waters for Slaney, but she is determined to go ahead.


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