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Take a flight of fancy across the language barrier

    Published: 11 July, 2013

    THE language barrier is something everyone has to face when travelling internationally at some point. While it can be hard to navigate your way across it, this added cultural ‘shock’ is what makes travelling so much fun. Granted, trying to understand directions from a stranger who hardly speaks your native tongue can result in your route from A to B taking twice as long, but it’s these little things that make travel such an adventurous and liberating experience. It takes you beyond your comfort zone and introduces you to people you may never have had the chance to meet.

    This is where romance comes into play. A large part of the excitement of travel for some often involves a holiday love affair. In fact, love and travel are synonymous with each other. When you return from a holiday, often the second question your friends will ask you after “how was your trip?” is “did you meet anyone?”

    While on holiday, you’re often more open to opportunities. Without the stress of work and daily life hanging over your head you feel liberated and wholeheartedly relaxed. And as a result of this open, welcoming and freeing experience, you’re more likely to find love… or romance. A quick search on Google will show you give you plenty of examples of people who have found holiday romance.

    With love, just like finding directions, you somehow always find a way through the language barrier. But cultural barriers may still be an issue. Before you jump in headfirst with your classic British pickup lines, it’s wise to consider the local cultural customs beforehand. For example, kissing a woman on the hand and then squeezing it in Germany is blatant flirting, while in Spain, signals of interest may be conveyed with the flick of a fan. If you’re in Japan, however, it’s a completely different ball game. Eye contact in Japan is seen as disrespectful, so you’re better off avoiding eye contact with the person you fancy.

    If you’re getting confused, Expedia has commissioned an infographic (see below) which provides a global guide to love, travel and flirting. Now you should have no problem finding a holiday love affair, no matter which country you’re in.


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