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14th December 2018

No heatwave fun for children as Swiss Cottage fountain malfunctions again

    How the fountain is supposed to look when its working

    Published: 15 September, 2016

    FAMILIES looking to let their children play in the fountain at the Swiss Cottage Open Space during soaring temperatures were left disappointed to find it could manage little more than a dribble.

    As the surprise September sunshine saw temperatures rise to record highs, repair teams were yesterday (Wednesday) trying to fix the malfunctioning water feature.

    Parents, meanwhile, told of their disappointment that – not for the first time – the fountain had been unavailable for some heatwave fun.

    One crestfallen father at the park said he had hoped his son and daughter would be able to play in the water in the same way children use the jumping fountains in King’s Cross.

    “What do the kids love more when the weather is hot? Splashing about,” he said. “But whenever the weather is right, it seems the fountains are broken. They’ve never seemed to have got it right over Swiss Cottage.”

    Elaine Chambers, who lives nearby, added: “It was functioning at the end of August much to the absolute delight of the children. Finally it was arcing in magnificent splendour with the children running in and out trying to guess which arc would pop out and soak them. Squeals of delight were heard. Sadly it failed to operate on the hottest day on record and it was reduced to an intermittent dribble.”

    Conservative ward councillor Don Williams said: “This isn’t the first time we’ve had problems with the fountain there and it is time for Camden Council to pull their socks up. They are too slow to act. 

    “We had the same thing with the pool at the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre where it kept breaking down and it took two years to resolved.”

    A council spokesman said: “The water feature at Swiss Cottage is working intermittently due to low water levels in its tank, which is supplied by a borehole collecting water from deep underground. 

    “We are working with our maintenance contractors to get the water feature up and running again as soon as possible.”



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