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23rd April 2019

Super Eagle Iwobi revels in fame game

    Published: 14 October, 2016

    FORGET the feeling of scoring a goal, the thing that gives Alex Iwobi the biggest buzz of all is the connection he has made with the Arsenal faithful. 

    The Nigerian forward revealed this week exactly what his growing bond with the supporters means to him. 

    Iwobi, who has scored twice in 28 appearances, has quickly become a fans’ favourite at the Emirates Stadium. 

    And the 20-year-old says that the relationship he’s built up with the crowd will only serve to help make him an even better player. 

    “It gives you an extra boost, an extra bit of confidence,” he told the Arsenal Weekly podcast. 

    “You feel you’re up for more of a challenge, and more motivated to do well. When you have the fans behind you, it’s such a good feeling.” 

    Iwobi scored his first ever goal for Nigeria’s Super Eagles on Sunday, away to Zambia in Africa’s 2018 World Cup qualifiers. He’s also made the starting line-up in Arsenal’s last three Premier League victories – and is expected to keep his place when Swansea City visit on Saturday. 

    While he loves all the attention he’s getting off Gooners, he admitted that on occasions it can be more scary than special. “After the games I’m trying to go home but I see the fans almost breaking my car to grab a picture, which is crazy. 

    “The connection I have with them is great. I’m young and most of the fans are young, so the connection’s there. 

    “But there have been a lot of crazy things I’ve seen fans do,” he added. 

    “The last home game we played last season, there was lots of traffic and for 15 minutes I was driving along and there was this one fan following me. 

    “I was getting a bit scared because I was close to my destination. I thought, ‘I’m going to have to take a detour before he finds out where I’m going!’.

    “In all seriousness, though, I didn’t expect to be where I am today. I thought I was going to be on loan, and getting experience before making the first-team here. The fact that the boss trusted me to make the jump up as soon as I have makes me grateful.” 


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