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21st May 2019

Ursula’s pressure pot leads way to a win

    King’s Cross Gunners

    Published: 8 December, 2016

    WITH the match hanging in the balance, poised potter Ursula Zalewsky proved just how fine the margins are between success and failure on Monday when she led King’s Cross Gunners (pictured) to victory in Division Two of the Chalk Farm Pool League. 

    She took to the table with doubles partner Mark Rodericks having seen her team come from behind to lead 3-2 in their contest against the Golden Lion. 

    A precise potting spree saw Ursula move to within one more successful shot of giving her side a pressure-easing cushion at the Hurricane Room, but it wasn’t going to be easy after she’d left the cue ball at the wrong end of the table. Needing the finest of snicks on the black, Ursula held her nerve to sink the pressured pot and leave the Gunners needing just one of the remaining three frames for the win. 

    Team-mate Derek Moorley didn’t need a second invitation as he secured the all-important fifth frame, with the Gunners going on to win the nine-frame contest 5-4 to pocket the clubs third victory in eight games. 

    Boston Rimmers are seven points clear at the top of Division Two following their 6-3 victory over Slattery’s Squatters, while the Peckwater Playboys are sitting in second place after beating Sir Robert Peel ‘B’ 7-2. 

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