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26th April 2019

Tall story: how Slaney aims to topple the tower

    Somers Town tower block

    Published: 12 January, 2016

    SLANEY Devlin is a woman after my heart.

    Determined to protect her neighbourhood in Somers Town, Slaney has stuck her neck out by fighting Camden Council’s messianic scheme to build a 25-storey block of flats – it will be the tallest tower in the borough – on a small park. 

    The Town Hall hopes it will bring in millions through the sale of private luxury flats. Profits will help rebuild local schools, and provide a few “social” flats at low rents.

    On Monday a High Court judge rebuffed Slaney’s objections in a two-page missive, leaving her with seven days to appeal. 

    Donations for her CrowdJustice online appeal have poured in – from fivers from local families to bigger sums – totalling £2,400.

    But this courageous woman needs more – help her in this battle. You will find her appeal at


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