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26th April 2019

To make space for wheelie bins we’s have to pave over the garden

    Published: 2 February, 2017

    • UNLIKE your reader from Dennington Park Road (Letters, January 26) I have just learnt that our building (five flats) apparently can store rubbish so we are to have fortnightly collections.

    More worrying than losing our weekly collection is that we are now to have wheelie bins for our general rubbish and put these out once a fortnight for emptying.

    We have no space for wheelie bins unless we do what most of our neighbours have done and pave over our front gardens. I was under the impression that the paving over of front gardens was contributing to flooding, subsidence and the further annihilation of bees and other wild life. 

    Like your other reader, we also have the option of orange bags that we would have to keep in our flats for two weeks. If we forget to put them out on the appointed day (which, from previous experience, is often changed) or if we do put them out but the collection doesn’t happen, we can end up with mountains of rubbish in either our flats or on the pavement. 

    I sympathise with the council’s need to cut costs but rubbish collection is a crucial part of living in a clean, modern, city. A lot more thought, research and consultation has to take place before this step – especially if multi-occupancy houses are forced to pave over their gardens to accommodate refuse. 

    Hampstead Hill Garden, NW3


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