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THEATRE: Dirty Looks And Hopscotch at Soho

    Shappi Khorsandi

    Shappi Khorsandi

    Published: 25 October, 2012
    by AMY SMITH

    Shappi Khorsandi recently broke up with her rock star boyfriend. No names are mentioned in her show, but we do learn a lot about his sexual proclivities and pretty awful chat up lines.

    Plus, we learn a few new words: “scat”, the meaning of which I won’t explain here, and “negging”, which is basically when a person wraps an insult within flattery. The ex-boyfriend was apparently a master of the backhanded compliment.

    Khorsandi really is funnier live than on television because of the warmth she brings in person. It was rather touching when, at the start of the show, she cracked herself up with an adlib.

    She also comfortably interacted with the full house, even those of us who unwittingly found ourselves in the front row.

    When Khorsandi catches someone sneaking a snapshot on his iPhone, she pulls him up and demands he take another as she strikes an over-the-top pout. One of Khorsandi’s most impressive skills is her ability to appear as if chatting with friends rather than delivering scripted punchlines. A few times she beckons us in closer for the more salacious revelations.

    The audience is led through moments of Khorsandi’s childhood, first kiss and finalising her divorce but it is the eight-month fling that takes centre stage.

    One gets the feeling that Khorsandi is still confused how she found herself in such a manipulative relationship.
    But this doesn’t stop her finding and exploiting the moments of humour.

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