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    Published: 19 July, 2012

    Springsteen and McCartney, a first, a glorious moment the Boss has waited 50 years to create.

    And what do we do?

    We disrespect them by pulling the plug in front of 60,000 people – like a parent turning off their disobedient child’s PlayStation – a great humiliation for rock royalty from both sides of the Atlantic, particularly as Bruce played on with the mute button enabled.

    The debate over curfews, blame and safety may rage on, and there are valid points on both sides.

    But at least Bruce’s mic should have been kept on long enough for him to say farewell and thank his loyal fans.

    Instead, we watched him mouthing words on the big screen but nothing came out.

    It is a shame that in busy central London, seconds away from near-24-hour Edgware Road, an unforgettable moment like that on Saturday, following an equally memorable Springsteen set, should be marred by reminders that we should all be tucked up in bed by 10.30pm after our carefully controlled fun ration, according to the begrudging curfew enforcers... 10.30pm, ON A SATURDAY NIGHT... this city is our jewel, times are hard and joyous moments of escapism should be grasped. Saturday’s Nimby fiasco was an embarrassment.

    I can’t imagine this happening in Brazil.

    • A quick note to say whoever was responsible for Hyde Park’s grounds did an incredible job mopping up the mud with woodchip.
    I just hope the park can be restored once the forthcoming series of Olympic gigs is over.  A shame Pete Waterman’s 1980s reunion was cancelled last week, he looked so dejected on TV interviews.

    • Our reviewer headed to Koko for our gig of the week – The Pharcyde on Wednesday. Read a full review online at


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