The Independent London Newspaper
21st March 2018




    According to family rumour, says Nicholas Shakespeare, Auntie Priscilla was a wartime secret agent. But the truth is even more enigmatic...
    My poems: they were alright?
    A man of contradictions, there was more to Siegfried Sassoon than the trenches according to a new biography by Jean Moorcroft Wilson Duckworth...



    Novel way to write a column
    Author Louise Doughty talks about how her how-to-write column led to a bestselling book and the...


    Robeson's choice: a quiet dignity
    Author Jordan Goodman discusses how the British and American authorities (and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) tried to silence civil rights activist Paul Robeson...
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    Friends reunited
    It’s not just a film about football – it’s about teamwork and watching out for each other. Dan Carrier talks to film-maker Ben Turner about his new movie Class of 92...








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