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23rd February 2017

CINEMA: Also On Release This Week - Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two

    Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two
    Directed by: Bill Condon
    Certificate: 12a

    Ah, to be a teen: young, free, the world at your feet, a life ahead, and studios making films aimed solely at your demographic that the rest of the human race think are an absolute load of tosh. This instalment in the vampire and werewolf saga is billed as a “spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions”, and for those who aren’t au fait with the whole Twilight thing, it runs along these lines.

    Bella Swan, 17, (Kristen Stewart) moves to a small town where little of note has ever happened. In her school class she meets the dashing if somewhat pale Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison). He doesn’t want anything to do with her, it seems, but hey, if you tell a teenager to do one thing, they’ll go exactly the other way.

    So Bella is intrigued, and Edward cracks – except the reason he hasn’t wanted anything to do with her is because he is a vampire. To complicate things more, Bella’s chum is a werewolf and his sole purpose is to rip the throats out of every vamp he comes across.

    In this instalment Bella has become a vampire and a mother.

    Before being super-snobby, the fact is the demographic this movie is made for absolutely love it. You may not be amongst this peer group – therefore don’t go and see it. But if you do, then you will enjoy this flick with the relish of Peter Cushing eyeing up an uncooked steak.


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