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23rd February 2017

CINEMA: Also On Release This Week - Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings and Smashed

    Published: 13 December, 2012

    Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings
    Directed by: Robert Gannaway and Peggy Holmes
    Certificate: U

    This Disney offering for the very young is the fourth in a Tinkerbell franchise, featuring the adventures of a little fairy. In this tale, she discovers as she leaps from flower to flower that she has a long-lost sister. What larks! It appears to be the cinematic version of My Little Pony but has a saving grace that it may help stave off Christmas holiday boredom once the presents have been unwrapped.

    Director by: James Ponsoldt
    Certificate: 15

    It is Christmas, and so to celebrate the birth of Christ, we all get plastered. So perhaps a film about the dangers of drinking heavily is apt to hit our screens at this time of year, and may make it slightly easier to launch into an ew year, new you mode.
    Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, pictured) and Charlie (Aaron Paul) are Californian professionals, earning a crust as a teacher and writer. They like a tipple as much as the rest of us. But we watch as their version of cracking open a bottle and relaxing turns into we-must-drink, and heavily, too, and make utter drunken fools of themselves. This film tracks the spiral downwards of substance abuse with tact and interest.


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