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23rd April 2019

Bike lanes will improve safety and boost cycling

    Published: 26 January, 2017

    • THERE has been some discussion in your pages of the planned cycle lanes on Delancey Street and Pratt Street.

    As a long-term resident of Primrose Hill with 25 years of London cycling behind me, could I make a few points? 

    First segregated bike lanes unequivocally improve safety for existing cyclists. Safety is the single issue that puts people off from cycling. The fact that the road is curved and sloping does not suddenly make a cycle lane dangerous. Building these lanes will save lives and encourage more people to cycle.

    Second while the residents of these streets are fully entitled to their views, streets are managed for the benefit of all. The reason 85 per cent of respondents to the council’s consultation were in favour of the lanes is that many more people will benefit than simply the residents on the affected streets. Impartial experts are the most likely people to reliably judge if the planned lanes are safe (as indeed they have).

    Third there is no safe east-west corridor for cycling in Camden (especially east is difficult). 

    These lanes will connect Primrose Hill to Royal College Street, King’s Cross and then to the Mayor of London’s Cycle Superhighways. And they will connect the east side of Camden Town to Regent’s Park, and the proposed new lanes there. So they provide tremendous connectivity. 

    As Camden Council has made clear there is no good alternative east-west route.

    Building these lanes will encourage more cycling. 

    And as people become more confident that cycling is safe, we should fully expect to see more people walking and cycling and less of our terrible pollution as a result.

    St Mark’s Crescent, NW1



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