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26th April 2019

I was astonished by the number of letters complaining about cyclists in the borough

    Published: 2 February, 2017

    • I WAS astonished to see the New Journal print almost an entire page worth of letters from pedestrians complaining in one form or the other about cycling in Camden. 

    One might imagine from this that cycling is somehow a major risk for pedestrians. But, of course, the true picture is quite the opposite. Around 98 per cent of serious or fatal pedestrian injuries in urban areas are due to collisions with motor vehicles. Even on pavements, 98.5 per cent  of all fatalities are due to cars, not the “bloody-minded”, moronic, cyclists that apparently hound Camden’s pavements.

    Not a single pedestrian was killed between 2005 and 2014 in Britain by cyclists jumping red lights. In contrast, about 50 were killed by cars doing the same. Mile-per-mile, serious injuries to pedestrians from cyclists are far less likely than from cars. In other words, if everyone in cars turned to cycling, the number of serious injuries and deaths to pedestrians would instantly fall. 

    So why all these letters on cycling?

    When pedestrians in Camden leave home in the morning they are 65 times more likely to be injured or killed by a motor vehicle than a cyclist, even on the pavement. So for every page of complaints about cycling, there should be 50 to 100 pages about cars, lorries and buses.

    I hope to see, therefore, a page of letters complaining about cars in every issue for at least a year before we see the New Journal print such a barrage against cycling again. 

    Spencer Rise, NW5



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