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23rd February 2017

Parking tickets mount up on mystery sports car left in Camden Town

    The pop-up lights Toyota left in Camden Town gets a ticket every day - but hasn'

    The pop-up lights Toyota left in Camden Town gets a ticket every day - but hasn't been towed

    Published: 7 May, 2014

    ANY owner of this sports coupé would surely have dreamed of hurtling through Saint-Tropez, a blistering ball of red set against a picture-book sunset skyline, writes Tom Foot.

    But the pop-up-lights Toyota MR2 has for the last two months been collecting dust and grime in a red route bay in Mornington Crescent.

    More than 40 fines are stuck to the windscreen and can be seen on the inside dashboard. With passers-by wondering what the mystery is all about, police told the New Journal it could not be towed because it was not obstructing traffic. 

    The council say it is not their responsibility, while transport police say regulations prevent them from removing the car.

    In the meantime, “cackling” parking wardens have been seen issuing fresh tickets to the Toyota every day.

    Tom Roach, whose Ampthill Estate home overlooks the car, said: “It’s been there at least eight weeks. I’ve spoken to the police about it time and time again and they think it is funny. They say they do not take cars away. The council says it’s on a TfL red route. It’s like a little war between the police and the council. Today a note went up on the windscreen asking the driver if he’d like to sell it.”

    A Camden Council spokesman said the car was “nothing to do with us” as it was on a red route and Transport for London was responsible.

    Transport for London’s parking team is now run by the Met, and Simon Brown, from the Safer Transport Command Roads Policing Unit, said: “The vehicle is not blocking the road, has not been reported stolen and has a valid tax disc – so not deemed as abandoned.”


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