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14th December 2018

Loch Ness monster swims away from Camden Lock to avoid film crews shooting BBC crime drama

    Camden Lock Ness Monster

    The sculpture that will be returning to Camden Lock tomorrow (Thursday)

    Published: May 14, 2014

    IF you thought you had spotted the Loch Ness monster in Camden Lock this week, and then all of a sudden it was gone, you weren't seeing things - and here's the answer to the mystery of the banished beast.


    A multi-coloured Nessie sculpture appeared briefly in the Regent's Canal on Monday but quickly bobbed away again after a film crew shooting a new BBC crime drama reportedly became concerned that it would show up in the background.


    The monster, created by designer Tony Diaz and commissioned by the Camden Town Unlimited business group, is part of the ongoing Camden Create festival, a three-day event showcasing the area's creative industries. The chandelier artwork outside Camden Town tube station is also part of the festival.


    The monster arrived in the Regent's Canal at 5.30am on Monday morning, coinciding, by chance, with shooting days for The Inceptor, a new television series which stars EastEnders actor Jo Joyner, Trevor Eve and David Gyasi.


    Camera crews in Camden Town this week


    A spokeswoman for Camden Create said: “We were all busy getting Nessie in place this morning, but then it had to disappear because of the filming. It will be reinstalled on Thursday, and will stay there for a week.”



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