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24th May 2017

Film crew tape off Camden Town street to shoot new BBC crime drama

    The scene in Inverness Street today

    Published: 12 May, 2014


    RED tape blocked off half of Inverness Street today (Monday) as a film crew mocked up rows of fake market stalls in Camden Town as a set for a new BBC drama.

    Ironically, the choice of location was once a thriving market but the number of stalls has decreased in recent years. The supermarket chain Morrison's also set up a market in Inverness Street earlier this year to shoot an advertisement with Ant and Dec.

    The street became a film set again a few weeks later when James Corden filmed a commercial for Cadbury's chocolate.

    Today, security waved passers-by to the side of the road as the cameras rolled for The Interceptor, a new series starring Trevor Eve and Jeany Spark.

    Some market traders still working in the pedestrianised street warned that the constant invasion of film crews was starting to damage their business.

    Nawaz Khalid, 30, who runs a clothes stall, said: "It's not very good, it's made it really quiet here. Customers are just walking by to look at the filmset. We lose business because of it and they don't pay us anything, there's no reimbursement for the profit we lose.”

    But another market trader was happy to share the road, adding: “I don't mind, it's quite quiet here on the first three weekdays anyway.”

    The Interceptor, based on the book of the same name by Kris Hollington and Cameron Addicott.

    A request to film inside Camden Market was refused by the owners because the script includes gun shots. The film crews are expected to continue their filming on the canalside tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday.



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