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10th December 2018

Data map reveals Regent's Canal is among most snapped places in London on social media

    The hotspots for photo-sharing are revealed

    Published: 11 July, 2014


    THE Regent's Canal has always been popular amongst the snappy-happy, and this map shows just how many pictures the famous waterway stars in.

    This map, put together by Alex Kachkaev, a PhD student at City University, has charted the most photographed locations in the capital, based on over a million and a half geo-tagged pictures uploaded to photo-sharing sites such as Flickr and Panoramio.

    The canal, which flows through Camden, glows brighter than most roads, as do many areas along the River Thames, especially by London's bridges.

    Each yellow dot represents a photo taken outdoors or in daylight, whereas purple dots indicate low-lighting, likely to be photos taken at night or at evening events such as gigs.

    In charting which locations appeared to be the most photogenic, the map helps to show people desirable walking routes.

    The PhD student, who worked together on the project with his professor, Jo Wood, said: “We are trying to use a photo data set to extract street attractiveness. While GPS data can show us which places are popular, it can't necessarily show us which places people think are interesting the way that way that photography can.”

    A large version of the visualisation is on display in the Museum of London Docklands as part of the Bridge Exhibition.



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