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24th May 2017

Market stalls mocked up in Inverness Street as Ant and Dec film supermarket ad in Camden Town

    Ant and Dec ad in Camden Town

    The set in Inverness Street, Camden Town. 

    Published: 8 January, 2014

    ONE by one, market traders have left their pitches in Inverness Street, Camden Town, often claiming that the rates were too high or they had been treated badly.

    So, when Ant and Dec turned up there to film an advert for supermarket Morrison’s this week, they needed to set up a fake market in the largely empty pedestrianised street.

    The Geordie duo were filmed browsing a made-up bustling market, closed to the public.

    Paparazzi photographers were seen watching the shoot to see if they could get a glimpse of the I’m A Celebrity stars.

    A letter to residents and businesses from Annex Films Ltd, said the company had asked the council for permission to park along Arlington Road and a few bays in Jamestown Road during filming. 

    It added: “I can assure you that we will not be blocking any driveways or pavements with equipment or vehicles. At all times we will ensure there is a clear pathway left for the general public to walk.”



    Love it. The Guardian reading, Primrose Hill Massive whining about the lack of a decent market in Camden. It was because of the “Market” that you moved there in the first place. As to the inconvenience caused to the parking, what’s the problem, couldn’t Waitrose deliver Cressida’s organic goats milk to your front door because of the nasty prols from Morrisons?

    useless market

    this market doesn't look like market. ONE by one, market traders have left their pitches in Inverness Street, i am the one . this market waste my time...

    Very angry

    Because these people, I had to park my car far from my work, some time I didn't even had enough change to put and I had to run to shop up and down... I really feel bad for traders who were doing some small business for living selling clothes and etc..... 1 week was a really nightmare, for Camden council they won't give a xxxx, as long as they get paid.... Camden council is only council who is after money!! Money from regural people, small traders and parking!!!!

    Filming in Inverness Street

    I work on Inverness Street and would like to congratulate the crew of the Morrisons commercial for their professional handling of all aspects of the shoot. I was at times inconveinienced but there was always someone on hand to reassure me about what was happening. I would not hesitate to have more filming in our area and feel very sorry for people who are just so angry with life that they can't see the anything but there small problems.

    Tomatoes replaced by Sunglasses = useless

    such a shame there isn't a mixed market there - as there is room for both the [ useless ] t-shirt vendors AND the Grocers ?

    How i miss the Grocers ... can anyone from Camden Council explain why there are not favourable rates for those that bring genuine variety to the community ?

    Can the council explain this ? anybody ?

    it's a travesty ...

    Plastic sunglasses replace real Tomatoes & no one wins

    yes ... I walked up Inverness St today & was so excited to see what I thought was maybe .. could it really be? ..a revived independent market ..

    only to realise that it was a bit of non reality - the gift of the supermarket...

    what i find really sad about all this is that .. the vendors there all summer now selling sunglasses don't seem to make any money from it either ? nor does it do them any favours to have the lack of local visitors for the vegetables ... which makes for a happier mix of tourism & locals ..

    Why can't the council make special rates for things that contribute to the community?

    I just don't understand ...? Can anyone from the council explain?

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