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23rd February 2017

iSore: Priest's anger at Camden Town's giant advertising hoardings for mobile phones

    iPhone Camden Town

    One of the iPhone hoardings on scaffolds close to Camden Town underground station and, below, Father Philip North who sees them as a 'visual scar' on the area

    Father Philip North

    Published: 27 February, 2014

    A PRIEST has told how giant advertising hoardings attached to buildings in Camden Town have become a “visual scar”.

    Father Philip North, of St Michael’s Church in Camden Road, said: “It puzzles me that Camden’s pubs – highly lucrative businesses – continue to turn Camden Town into a huge advertising billboard in order to fund their own building projects. Let’s have the old Camden Town back, please. We could pay for our restoration work at the church with a huge advert for iPhones too, but we won’t. We want to turn the building into a community hub for non-stop use, not just for worship, that’s going to take a lot of restoration work.”

    The church, which is 137 years old, had repair work done in 2005 and a new roof fitted in 2007, but still needs £1million worth of work.

    Father Philip said he would back “the slow and painstaking work of fundraising” rather than “ruin” the character of the area by promoting mega-brands. 

    He added: “The cost of putting these brash, aggressive adverts up is great. They are visually dominant, and when people step off the tube the first thing they see are two iPhones. That steals the eye, they miss the eccentricity of Camden Town and its people. It is invasive, intrusive advertising.”

    Managers for The Camden Eye and The World’s End pubs, which both put the advertising hoardings for iPhones last year, declined to comment. 



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