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25th March 2017

Death leap tragedy of doctor told to cure his homosexuality

    Published: 11 December, 2014

    A TALENTED and inspirational doctor jumped from the balcony of his fifth-floor flat in West Hampstead because his family struggled to accept his sexuality, an inquest has heard. 

    Nazim Mahmood, 34, was found by a passer-by close to his home in ­Fawley Road, off West End Lane, in July.

    High achiever Dr Mahmood, who worked as a GP as well as having co-founded a cosmetic surgery business, had been confronted by his mother two days earlier after going home to Birmingham to celebrate the religious festival of Eid and being told he needed to be “cured”.

    Matthew Ogston, his fiancé and partner of 13 years, wept at St Pancras Coroner’s Court on Thursday as he paid tribute to his “soulmate” who was “quite simply the most amazing man I will ever meet in my life”.

    Mr Ogston, an online product manager for tech start-ups, added that Dr Mahmood had struggled to tell his family he was gay and had suffered a breakdown in front of his relatives after a “hurtful” comment made by his uncle. 

    Mr Ogston told the court how Mr Mahmood’s mother had asked him if he was gay.

    He said: “She had suggested to him he needed to see a psychiatrist to see if he could be cured. Naz’s response was: ‘Why do I need to find a cure? There is nothing wrong with me, Mum’.”

    Mr Ogston added: “It is a moment in many gay people’s lives, to be able to finally tell your parents about the person that they gave birth to. You just want to be a good person. It’s one of the hardest conversations to have. And the love of his mum was absolutely paramount to him. That was really the reason he had not told his parents, because he did not want to tell his mum. They would not approve of us – two decent human beings trying to do good things and be happy with each other.”

    The night before his death, Dr Mahmood, who co-founded Botox and filler business Face Clinic in 2009, helped his partner prepare documents for a new job and said goodbye in the morning. 

    The emergency services were called at around 5.30pm on July 30. 

    He was pronounced dead shortly afterwards from multiple injuries. 

    A toxicology report found Class B drugs mephedrone and ketamine in his system. 

    Coroner Mary Hassell ruled that Dr Mahmood had taken his own life. She told the court: “It seems incredible that a young man with so much going for him could have taken his own life. 

    “But what I’ve heard is that he had one great sadness which was the difficulty his family had in accepting his sexuality. It seems desperately sad that in 2014 a person should feel that they can’t be accepted because of the way that they live, and I can only feel the deepest sympathy for Nazim that he felt so sad and desperate about this that he took his life.”

    Mr Ogston told the court that the couple had moved from Birmingham to London, and bought their flat in West Hampstead, because they wanted to be able to “relax and have a life which most people just consider ­normal”.

    He added: “Being in London gave us the freedom to create a new life, a new life that was just us. We set out on this adventure to explore life.”



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