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28th February 2017

14 arrests as protesters link arms around property ruled 'too small to live in'

    The scene this afternoon on Lymington Road in West Hampstead

    Published: 10 April, 2014

    FOURTEEN people were arrested at an eviction protest in West Hampstead today, writes Jacob Mignano.

    An estimated 40 police officers broke up the demonstration in Lymington Road after a stand-off began at around 3pm.

    Members of Camden Housing Action and the Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group (KUWG) had linked arms around the property.

    The campaigners said a tenant had been ordered to leave private rented accommodation after a council inspector had ruled that the room he was renting was too small to live in.

    Pamela Aukle, 45, from the KUWG, who was arrested during the protests, said the man – known as Mark – had “no money” and the “council have nothing for him”.

    “Anything they offer is outside of Camden,” she added.

    Police described the high-level presence as a “proportionate response”.

    The landlord was not available for comment.


    Camden council housing

    I have lived in Camden all my life, in fact my familly have lived here for over 300 years, I know a lot of people in the borough and neighbouring boroughs. I shall tell you a couple of reasons why there is a shortage of housing 1. Camden has rehoused 3 people I know after having bought their Camden homes, selling them and then going back to the housing list 2. out of the 5 flats in my house , 2 are subletting, one for 17 years and the other for the past 4years, which means they obviously live elsewhere, the other two, one owns a property in Acton and the other has land on which they are building on abroad. Four one bedroom flats on my street have been sold by genesis a CHARITABLE H/A, for the sum of 450,000 each, bought by a lawyer and city broker at auction, actually one was on homes under the hammer. Their policy at the moment is that every one bedroom that becomes available they are going to sell, one bedrooms are what we need in the borough how can they be allowed to do this. 

    Reply To Eviction Of Vulnerable Man

    The force being used towards this particular case was due to Camden Councils Failing to make clear the real situation and to try to intimidate those who stand against them I am one who has done so for many a year due to the constant failings of Camden I have never been housed.There are Sanctions only Camden Seem to believe they are above them as they have been getting away with it for so long.It was only due to the protestors that this vulnerable man ended up being housed all hail! Camden Council Housing Sector favourite tactic is to abuse the "Intentionally Homeless" act in order to lighten their load these are horrendous acts and must be stopped.I am one of the unlucky ones who got caught up in the latter(intentionally homeless) leaving me and my child with no hope of ever gaining permanent housing unless we all stand together shoulder to shoulder and refuse to allow these abuses to continue say no to illegal evictions please before it happens to you.Camden have no regard to current child laws and just dont care about anyone.

    eviction of vunerable man

    Hi I just want to update people I commented earlier and after having attended the disc meeting this evening at the charlie ratchford centre chalk farm I just wanted to let you all know that I was wrong the gentleman concerned was not housed and has been left in the same position as me sofa surfing homeless.I just wanted to apologise as it turns out the story of him being housed was a hoax generated by Camden Council and picked up by Locals.
    This makes his eviction all the more abhorrent shame on you Camden shame on you!

    eviction of vunerable man

    update on vulnerable man thanx to Lee from kuwg Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group Lee has found the vulnerable man temporary housing (private rented accommodation) which by the way camden council is not a long term solution to housing are you not liasing with adult safeguarding? this man needs permanent housing you are failing him.

    Too Small? Am I hearing this right?

    This is so disgusting its beyond sickening. Bet its yet another council property earmarked for privatisation. And bet It won't be too small for whoever stone-hearted, 'Mensch-Type' toff they carve it up too! Bravo to those who stood up against this now commonplace social cleansing!

    eviction and arrest in camden

    How horrible that people are being evicted from their homes. What is happening in London that ordinary people are unable to have secure homes to live in? Well done to those brave people who are defending people against this disgraceful situation.


    The police turn out was not proportionate there was at least four times more police than protestors and I hear that there were even members of the riot squad present.
    I dont have any quams with the Met as I believe they were led astray by Camden Council who one again enlarged the situation on paper to the police and consequently the appropriate response was set up by the Police.
    However I find this an abhorrent waste of Police resources and I for one want to see Camden Council held accountable for it.
    The London Met need to charge Camden Council for a waste of Police time and for a waste of Police resources as had the London Met been given the real situation I dont believe for one moment that such a large and heavy handed turn out would have taken place.
    As for the people who were arrested all charges must be dropped Immediately as they were carrying out a normal human response to help another human being in deep distress who was already Suicidal due to Camden Councils threats of Eviction and complete lack of humanity and from where im standing I'm wondering if Camden Council is being run by a complete set of psychopaths hell bent of socially cleansing the borough.
    This I find to be completely immoral and throughly disgusting Camden Council please stand up as THE REAL SLIM SHADY and admit your failings to your own borough you disgust me.


    Hello Camden Council it's me Gemma Sheridan why haven't I heard anything from you since my story appeared in the camden new journal on the first of may page twelve you have closed my housing file and stripped me of all my points,you have told me to find private rented accommodation which doesn't exist in London.I am very much in the public eye over this I won't leave camden and I won't shut up you should have housed me years ago,are you going to own up to your responsibilities and finally house me and my son. Don't forget last year you told the camden new journal that you wern't going to evict me you made the following statement to the cnj last year "WE ARE NOT GOING TO EVICT GEMMA AND HER SON AND WE DO INDEED HAVE AN OBLIGATION AND CARE OF DUTY TO HER AND HER SON AND WE WILL BE HOUSING THEM AFTER TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION IN THE BOROUGH" And just to clarify to everyone I WAS NOT EVICTED FOR RENT ARREARS AND DAMAGES MY ACCELERATED PROCEDURE PAPERS CLEARLY STATE "CLAIMANT REQUIRES THE PROPERTY BACK FOR HERSELF" 

    Eviction of vulnerable man

    I have never heard of such force being used towards a tenant, furthermore, councils and housing associations continually squeeze families into properties that are too small with no prospect of a move or a family grows and no bigger properties ever come available, all this against the human rights of children growing or added health problems impacted by bad housing. What are if any are the sanctions for that? 

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