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24th April 2017

Whittington Hospital cuts 100 jobs, but hires more bosses

    Shirley Franklin

    Published: 19 September, 2013
    by TOM FOOT

    MORE than 100 staff posts have been axed at Whittington Hospital this year while the number of high-paid senior managers and boardroom bosses has risen.

    A detailed breakdown of positions budgeted for in June, compared to January, has been released to Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition campaign group.

    DWHC chairwoman Shirley Franklin (pictured) said: “We were surprised to find a significant medical and nursing job loss, when we had been ass­ured that there had been none. They have not an­swered our questions about beds, which is vital.”

    The table shows how the total number of staff budgeted for by the Highgate NHS Trust has fallen from 4204 to 4101.

    The cuts include 44 nursing posts and 25 low-paid admin and clerical positions.

    The table shows the number of senior managers and executive board members has increased by four from 101 to 105.

    The hospital said it had a total of 329 inpatient beds, which included 205 adult beds in medicine and surgery.

    But it did not say whether this figure had reduced since January. A figure posted on its website last year stating there were 420 beds was “out of date”, the hospital said.

    Responding to concerns from DHWC that many staff are being asked to re-apply for lower-paid jobs as care is pushed out into the community, the hospital said: “Whittington Health’s clinical strategy involves more staff working in the community.

    “This may involve some staff doing different jobs in future. However, we are committed to keeping the reduction in permanent staff to an absolute minimum and expect there to be no significant reduction in the workforce in the next five years.

    “We will use our turnover and vacancy rate to manage the workforce, and will reduce the number of agency staff in the first instance.”

    The hospital has revealed it paid consultants Ernst and Young £426,000 “to provide expertise for future ­business and financial plans”.

    • A public meeting will be held tonight (Thurs­day) in Archway Meth­odist Hall, from 7pm.



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