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24th May 2017

HEALTH: Ursule’s title ride

    ‘Human Racer of the Month’ Ursule Thurnherr with daughter Catherine and grand­daughter Carla

    Published: 26 September, 2013

    DAME Tessa Jowell MP has congratulated a cancer patient who took up cycling and was named “Human Racer of the Month” after a gruelling charity ride.

    Ursule Thurnherr, who has lived in Kentish Town for 30 years, was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago but after successful chemotherapy took up cycling.

    All three generations of her family – her daughter Catherine, her grand­daughter Carla and herself – took part in “Cycletta Bedfordshire” charity race at Woburn Abbey last week.

    Ursule said: “I took up cycling to chase away all my negative thoughts and my daughter Catherine followed suit and took up cycling too. It was quite an emotional moment for me. Not so long ago I thought we wouldn’t ever be out and about together under such rewarding conditions.”

    She was raising funds for the Women and Health community health centre and counselling service in Camden Town, where Ms Jowell is a patron. She said: “Ursule’s achievements are an inspiration to us all. Congratulations on being Cycletta Human Racer of the Month.”


    Ursule is a superstar!

    Truly inspirational, Ursule is amazing, a total trooper I'm delighted and honoured to call my friend. :-)


    There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. You manage to do this. It is a pleasure knowing you. Mike T

    Ursule’s title ride

    Inspiring and Impressive. Ursule is a great example of what commitment and determination can achieve. Ursule's approach to negative experiences has the power to make a difference.

    Thoroughly inspiring!

    Great work!

    This is a monster that we all encounter at some point and sadly my long time friend Ursule did :(.So she got on her bike literally and took the fight head on like I knew she would and I congratulate her and her family on this great achievement!!!! Katia

    Ursule’s title ride

    What an exceptional lady!

    Ursule's Title Ride

    What a marvellous story about a local resident who took up cycling the help get over cancer and get fit. An excellent example to us all. Louise Black.

    Ursule's cycling.

    Ursule is definiteley inspirational. I remember well an occasion, after we'd been out to lunch together, when she got togged up in all her cycling gear, unlocked her bike and set off, into the busy streets of London!
    We did laugh at the plava.. but beneath the humour of the moment, I was really impressed by her stamina and determination. she's cycled to Paris and many other destinations, since.
    I take my hat off to my friend:-)



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