The Independent London Newspaper
24th May 2017

In pictures: The moment Jean the outlaw wallaby was 'captured'

    A crowd gathers early on Thursday morning
    It's Jean the Wallaby
    Jean showing locals how to bounce around a children's playground
    Jean action shot
    Pearl White (8) with Jean
    RSPCA Officer Leigh Summers
    Jean in the RSPCA van
    York Rise residents with Leigh Summers

    Pictured from top:
    Thursday 7am. Rumours of an outlaw wallaby bouncing around a playground on York Rise estate begin to spread. Residents leave their corn flakes to take a closer look.

    (2,3 and 4) It's Jean the Wallaby. All the way from Australia, via Highgate Cemetery.

    (5) Jean finds a new friend in Pearl White (8)

    (6) Oblivious to all the attention, Jean carries on bouncing around. in the meantime the RSCPA are called. Officer Leigh Summers steps in to 'capture' the outlaw Jean

    (7) Jean getting used to the back of an RSPCA van

    (8) York Rise residents, pictured with RSPCA Officer Leigh Summers and the captured outlaw


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