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24th May 2017

GP surgery set for move to Maiden Lane Estate

    Published: 3 October, 2013
    by TOM FOOT

    A PLAN is being hatched to move one of the GP practices taken over by American health giant UnitedHealth five years ago into the Maiden Lane estate.

    NHS bosses want the King’s Cross Surgery and its 2,000 patients to “withdraw” from King’s Cross Road and reopen when a major redevelop­ment in Agar Grove is finished.

    NHS England, in a report to Camden Council, said “no provider” was willing to bid for a contract to run the King’s Cross surgery.

    The report said the switch idea was a “more affordable option” than the current plan of opening a 20,000-patient surgery on the estate and warned of a repeat of the “significant level of discontent over the closure of the Camden Road Practice”.

    Camden Road, King’s Cross and Brunswick surgeries were taken over by UnitedHealth in 2008 but were transferred to another private provider, The Practice plc, in April 2011.

    The Camden Road Practice closed a year later, with its 4,000 patients “dispersed” to surgeries, triggering a massive backlash and a three-day public inquiry at the Town Hall. It was argued at the time that those patients should move to a new centre in nearby Maiden Lane.

    NHS England said it would look to negotiate a deal with Camden Council to scale back the space allocated for a surgery in Maiden Lane “to half its current size”.

    The new surgery would grow its list from the current 2,000 to at least 5,000 patients, far smaller than the original 20,000-patient surgery planned.

    The Practice has quit the Brunswick Centre, which is now being run by another NHS group, the Hurley Group, set up by former Royal College of GPs chairwoman Clare Gerada.


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