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24th May 2017

Boris: 'York Road station will stay shut'

    York Road

    York Road station, and, below, Wikipedia's take on how the tube map could look if it was re-opened

    Published: 21 October 2013

    LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson has rejected a fresh call to open York Road station, the tube station near King's Cross which closed in the 1930s.

    He had been urged to get the station up and running to relieve congestion around the redeveloped railwaylands site.

    Answering written questions at City Hall, Mr Johnson said: "A pre-feasibility study in 2005 concluded that while there were potential benefits to re-opening York Road station, these were not sufficient to justify the very substantial costs involved. Creating an additional stop would also extend journey times for existing users of the Piccadilly line, which needs to be taken into account."

    The Mayor added: "The area is already well served by buses and by the much improved King's Cross St Pancras Tube station."

    He was answering questions from Barnet and Camden assembly member Andrew Dismore after an all member transport meeting at City Hall last week.

    Mr Dismore was pushing for capacity to be increased on the Number 390 and 10 bus routes, to "cope with the King's Cross development".



    Its time to look at this again

    A study conducted in 2005, which did not take into account the redevelopment of Kings Cross or new buildings further noth on ork Way CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT be relied on.

    How do we get our voices heard ?

    Is the Mayor quoting a pessimistic report?

    The 2005 Halcrow report has missed the benefit of using this new station to reduce the number of people boarding/alighting, and hence the "dwell time" at KX station; I believe the northbound platform at KX is currently the pinchpoint for the entire line (and is likely to remain so following the NTfL train/signalling upgrade). This reduction in dwell time will allow a more intense service to be operated over the entire line, creating capacity rather than reducing it.

    Modern trains can accellerate and decellerate at much higher rates than those in use when this station closed, and this will reduce the journet time increase to through traffic.

    The capital costs of moving existing signalling equipment and changes to signalling/passenger information could be largely offset if integrated into the current NTfL upgrade programme (if we are prepared to wait for the re-opening!)

    The operational costs of the station are likely to be less than those stated in the Halcrow report given LU's current changes to staffing practice.

    York Road back on the tube map

    I disagree with the mayor [Boris Johnson] who only snubbed proposal to expand London City Airport! I see a great social-economic advantage and argument for the re-opening of the station - which was back in the 1930's closed down due to low usage! The area is expanding at great speed, with new office complexes and commercial outlets popping up by the month; I definitely agree to seeing the station re-open to serve as an extra stop north of King's Cross and relieve congestion at King's Cross, which is overly crowded the best of times! An increase in buses is no direct solution as it would only further add to the ever increasing traffic on the roads (the journey for the everyday commuter would be significantly slower than that on the tube - say from York Road Station?). The idea should be celebrated in the pursuit of improving transport links in an ambitiously expanding area of London as well as giving commuters the diversity of travel options aimed at simplifying their daily commute.

    more 390 buses

    more 390 buses sounds good! though something has be done around the junction at Scala.

    Maiden Lane

    certainly sounds reasonable regarding York Way station, but what about re-building Maiden Lane station on the North London Line/Overground?
    (wiki Maiden Lane stations)

    This could deal with passengers from the northern end of the new development and if the overground is due to get 5 cars per train anyway, this could allow enough capacity.

    no need for it

    I totally agree with boris for once there is no point opening it up kings cross is so near they could use the site for a school or a library instead


    Any thought being given to the thousand of people that will coming in to work at the new offices at KX, and the thousands that are due to live there soon? Would relieve the congestion at KX Underground stations noticably, I reckon. Also make it safer if there was an emergency - not so many people to evacuate etc.


    Well served by buses? what,

    Well served by buses? what, the 390?

    york road

    you can find the study referred to on the Kings cross environment website - we secured it through FOI some years ago

    basically (as i understand it) it's so close to kings cross that the slowing down, loading, getting away would cause train congestion that diminishes rather than increases the capacity of the piccadilly line

    Harold Saxon

    Shame could be worthwhile re-opening it in the long run!

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