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28th February 2017

Second wallaby found in Highgate Cemetery: re-homed and 'doing fine'

    Highgate wallaby

    Published: 11 November, 2013
    Exclusive by DAN CARRIER

    A SECOND wallaby found in north London has been taken away by vets from Highgate Cemetery and has been safely re-homed by animal welfare experts.

    The animal found roaming in the famous burial ground was checked amid fears for its safety after another wallaby - found at the York Rise playground - died following surgery to its foot on Thursday.

    The wallaby has been successfully re-homed. It is thought two wallabies were dumped in Highgate woods, with one ending up in the playground, the other staying in the cemetery until it was removed on Friday.

    The chairman of the Highgate Cemetery Ian Dungavell said: "We felt she should be taken away and re-homed. She had a sore paw - not as badly damaged as her friend - but we wanted a vet to look at her. We've heard that she had some treatment, has made a good recovery and has since been rehoused some where privately with people who can look after her."


    He said while the staff and visitors would miss the wallaby, the cemetery was not a good long-term place for her to live.


    He added: "It was interesting to have her here but this is a burial ground, not a nature park. People are coming here to pay their respects to deceased relatives and friends and we felt a wallaby could perhaps be a distraction, It was a matter of balance."


    He added the cemetery had plenty of native wildlife living among the tomb stones.


    Dr Dungavell said: "We have plenty of bird life, hedgehogs, spiders - they may not be as attention grabbing as a wallaby but we felt the cemetery wasn't a really good long-term home. It was unusual having her around, and I can understand why people were so enthused. I'm sure the staff and volunteers here will miss her."



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