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24th May 2017

Police break door down in Kilburn after cat dials 999 and hangs up

    Cat calls 999 kilburn

    Bruce Lee, the cat. [PHOTO CREDIT: JAMES COCKSEDGE] 

    Published: 6 November, 2013

    MOST people who dial 999 when there’s not an emergency risk being charged with wasting precious police time.

    But Bruce Lee, a caller from Kilburn, is expected to escape prosecution: he’s a pedigree Singapura kitten.

    Officers broke down the door of his owner’s flat on Thursday morning after the home-alone cat accidentally stepped on the house phone, dialling 999.

    Not taking any chances, police rushed to the scene, only to find Bruce Lee hiding under a mountain of clothes in a wardrobe.

    Owner James Cocksedge, 33, returned home from the shops at midday to find the chaotic scene.

    “I didn’t tell him off,” said Mr Cocksedge, a sound engineer who works on television and film projects and lives with fiancée, Monica de la Cruz.

    “I couldn’t. He already looked so ashamed of himself,” he said. “He got himself into this situation and then didn’t know what to do, so he just hid. If anything I felt a lot of sympathy for him. He was quite upset by the whole ordeal.

    “It happened the day before his first birthday, so it wasn’t great timing for Brucie.”

    He added: “Basically, he always jumps when the phone rings and then starts knocking about the receiver. I imagine someone must have rang, he probably went nuts, dialled nine three times, heard a voice, suddenly freaked out and left the phone. Then the police started banging down the door and he hid.”

    Singapura are thought of by feline experts as playful and active cats. The guitar-playing Hit Cat in Disney’s cartoon feature The Aristocats is a Singapura.

    Mr Cocksedge said: “All I know is, I left Bruce Lee and his sister Audrey for a couple of hours and when I got back the police were waiting outside my flat. They said: ‘Don’t worry, we’ve had to force entry, but the cat is all right.’

    “The phone was on the floor. Audrey was quite relaxed but Bruce had disappeared. I found him looking guilty at the back of the wardrobe and I put two and two together.”

    Camden police police explained that they “couldn’t take any chances” by ignoring the call.

    “Bruce Lee is still in shock,” added Mr Cocksedge. “We’ve been cuddling him, rubbing his belly, prodding him, throwing his favourite balls so he can fetch them. He likes that. But we’ve also started to unplug the phone when we’re out. He’s got a cheeky side to him, and he might do it again, although he’d be silly to.”

    A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: “We take all abandoned calls seriously. These calls are typically resolved with a call back from a police operator, confirming the need for police. When call backs are unanswered, checks are carried out, and police will respond to the address where appropriate.”

    >>WATCH: Bruce Lee Cocksedge playing fetch (click here)




    The way to go puddy cat!!!


    wow just wow i mean how can a cat dial 999 that's impossible but here in the us its 911 so no cat can dial 911 here........................

    Wow, what a genius!

    Wow, what a genius!


    I saw that officer attend this he's quite the looker!

    112 ?

    Another reason to go to 112 ?
    Except that I have dialled 112 in error, from my mobile because using phone banking menus left those numbers on my screen..
    I have had a stuck "9" before that went to emergency services, embarrassing.
    So why not 909, it would be a pretty unlucky fluke for a cat to dial that..

    his fiancee best not take his

    his fiancee best not take his surname :)




    The exact same thing happened to my next door neighbour many years ago. The police came knocking on our door trying to find out what was up.

    Apparently the cat always jumped up to the phone when the answering machine went off, and it was the voice of his owner leaving a message. He knocked the phone off and stood on the 9 and ended up connecting to the emergency services. Luckily someone was home next door asleep in bed and woke up eventually so they didn't have to buy a new door.

    me too

    Clipping from when my cat dialled 999 some years ago. They're all at it.

    Bruce Lee calls 999

    Not April 1st, is it?

    cat dials 999

    I know this is true because I was indoors when it happened.
    Some ten years ago I had a cat called 'Pickles' who dialled 999.
    I was upstairs in my house one day when I could hear a voice, I thought it strange as I didn't have a radio at the time and thought it could possibly be
    from my handsfree telephone so I lifted the receiver and the person said
    'Emergency services'. Shocked, I blurted out 'I haven't rung 999' and seeing my cat Pickles pawing at the duvet beside me looking most pleased with herself (honest) I said it must have been my cat who did it. The operator asked for my name etc to confirm who I was and said that he had dogs dial 999 but never a cat. Thinking about it my cat was always pawing at the telephone buttons. After I hung up, I remembered I had a last number dialled option which I used and could see 999 displayed on the screen. Pickles must have 'pawed' 9-9-9-dial in that order by sheer fluke, in future I had to cover
    the phone buttons! Something I shall never forget.

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