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25th March 2017

Lovin’ spoonful as families eat together at community centre

    Jusnara Begum enjoys a meal with Aisha Begum and Adam Farouk

    Jusnara Begum enjoys a meal with Aisha Begum and Adam Farouk

    Published: 30 May, 2013

    CHILDREN are learning to love their food during family meals at a community centre.

    The Winch, in Winchester Road, Swiss Cottage, is cooking up healthy dinners so “children feel like they belong to a unit”.

    Ann Kenney, The Winch’s director of fundraising, said: “We’re very lucky, The American School in St John’s Wood is funding it.

    "A lot of young people do things because they feel they don’t belong anywhere. The point of this is so they feel this is their home, they belong here, even to the extent of having family dinners here. They then stick with us.”

    Every Wednesday evening up to 70 families attend with their children.

    The idea stemmed from last summer’s Olympic Food Project, which taught children about food growth.

    Jusnara Begum, 30, brings her two daughters aged nine and four.

    “I really appreciate having a day off cooking, it allows me to enjoy dinner time with the girls rather than rushing around trying to get everything done.

    "It’s wonderful to have relaxation time between work and bed, which I usually don’t get.

    "I have an idea though – I think they should create a Winch cookbook that parents can take away.”

    Her daughter Aisha Begum, nine, said: “My favourites are the roast dinners, they make vegetables look tasty.

    "It’s nice when it’s raining outside too, because it feels all cosy with everyone inside together and eating.”


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