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28th February 2017

Cut! University students help direct high school’s Hairspray show

    The cast of Hairspray at Regent High School, who have been assisted by UCL students

    Published: 14 March, 2013

    STUDENT theatre directors at University College London are directing a musical at Regent High.

    The university’s Musical Theatre Society is helping with a production of Hairspray at the school in Charrington Street, formerly South Camden Community School. 

    Set in the American city of Baltimore in the 1960s, it is directed by 20-year-old Sam Lansdale who is studying atomic and particle physics.

    He said: “We were quite surprised at the confidence and creativity of the kids, they’ve been working with us very well and we’ve also been having lots of questions about university life.”

    Regent High pupil Drin Barbatovci, 14, said: “We can bond with them because they’re not that much older than us. We’ve been rehearsing since November, and most of us want to do degrees in something, so we had a good chance to ask questions. Some people weren’t sure about if a degree would benefit them, so it was good to figure that out too.”

    Andreas Adekoya, 11, who plays Dwayne in the production, said: “From learning the lines I figured out I remember stuff better after saying it aloud rather than in my head, so it’s helping me with exam revision in a way.”


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