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28th February 2017

‘Iconic’ statue of Amy could go to the Roundhouse

    Designs by Scott Eaton for the statue of Amy Winehouse (inset)

    Designs by Scott Eaton for the statue of Amy Winehouse (inset)

    Published: 28 March, 2013

    THIS is the first glimpse of how a life-size statue of Amy Winehouse planned for Camden Town could look.

    Revealed in a New Journal web exclusive, the proposals for the terrace at the famous Roundhouse music venue in Chalk Farm Road have been officially submitted to planning officials at Camden Council.

    Ms Winehouse, 27, made her last public opinion at the venue shortly before her death. She also supported Paul Weller at a concert there in 2006.

    The tribute has been put together by the Amy Winehouse Foundation and the Roundhouse Trust, who hired highly-regarded sculptor Scott Eaton for the project. Mr Eaton said the pictures submitted with the planning application should not be considered the final work.

    The submission says the statue will “show Amy in her prime, striking a pose beneath her iconic beehive”.

    The idea is partly to divert people to a permanent tribute, and away from Camden Square, the quiet residential street where she lived and which remains the scene of fan pilgrimages.

    The singer – a six-time Grammy winner – died at her home there in July 2011. It is also hoped the statue will be a lasting tribute to a performer who displayed a deep affection for the area and its legendary live music scene, while at the same time inspiring young men and women enrolled in the Roundhouse’s creative arts courses.

    The planning application added: “The artwork aims to capture the vitality of Amy and her music by faithfully rendering her beauty and iconic sense of style. The design has Amy relaxing on the Roundhouse terrace gazing back at Camden Town. The piece is carefully composed with naturalism.”

    The organisers added in their submission that they “will not be allowing a ‘shrine’ to accumulate on the pavement or on the Roundhouse terrace itself”.

    It is hoped the statue will be unveiled to coincide with what would have been Ms Winehouse’s 30th birthday in September.

    Camden Council deputy mayor Councillor Jonathan Simpson, the Town Hall’s live music czar, said: “I’ve been very impressed with the designs for the memorial I’ve seen – it’s clear a great deal of thought has gone in to the plans. I think Amy’s legacy will live on for decades, not only because of her songwriting abilities, but through the work of the Foundation in supporting young people.

    “As the Roundhouse Trust does such brilliant work with young people through their education schemes, I’m pleased the memorial will be able to go there.”

    Mitch Winehouse, the singer’s father, added: “Amy was in love with Camden, and it is the place her fans from all over the world associate her with.

    The family have always been keen to have a memorial for her in the place she loved the most, which will provide fans a place to visit and bring extra custom to local businesses.”

    He added: “We are strong supporters of the Roundhouse and their innovative music programmes.”



    Beautiful statue.

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