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24th April 2017

Citrus Saturday project gives school pupils a fizzy business start

    Citrus Saturday teaches young people business skills

    Citrus Saturday teaches young people business skills

    Published: 27 June, 2013

    SCHOOLCHILDREN will get a chance to see what it is like to run a business in a boroughwide competition to sell home-made lemonade.

    More than 60 young people aged 11 to 13 will be setting up stalls at 15 points across the borough on July 6 as part of Citrus Saturday, an initiative set up by University College London.

    “It isn’t just one weekend,” said Tim Barnes, director of UCL Advances who set up the idea two years ago after seeing it in the United States.

    “They do two business workshops which cover everything from advertising to budgeting to promotion tactics, and then get feedback on their business plans. Anyone could apply to be part of it. It’s teaching young people that they don’t have to wait for handouts. They make their own success.”

    Students will keep all the money they bring in, minus expenses.

    Jack Wratten, manager of Citrus Saturday, said the scheme “taught children all their talents are important”.

    He added: “Some of the young people who do the scheme took their skills for granted, and then they can see how that trait they were born with can be honed and translated into a career.”

    Funding from the European Union for the project is matched by UCL.


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