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1st March 2017

Horror as falling shop sign kills young man

    Police and paramedics outside the William Hill betting shop on Camden Road this evening

    Published: 28 January, 2013

    POLICE have confirmed that a young man has died after appearing to be hit by the falling sign of a Camden Town betting shop.

    The man, believed to be in his 20s, was trapped underneath the front sign of William Hill in Camden Road shortly before 5pm.

    Ambulance workers made "extensive efforts" to resuscitate the man, who had gone into cardiac arrest, before taking him as a priority to University College Hospital (UCH).

    A Met Police spokesman told the New Journal: “It was around 4.55pm we were called to reports of a man injured on Camden Road. The ambulance service attended. That man, believed aged in his 20s, has been taken to central London hospital. He died there a short while later. At this early stage it appears the man received his injuries after being struck by a sign or board that has come away from a building. Officers from Camden are the on scene and inquiries continue."

    A London Ambulance Service (LAS) spokeswoman added: “An ambulance crew who were close to the incident were on the scene very quickly with another medic in responder car.

    “Extensive efforts were made to resuscitate him both at the scene and on way to hospital. He was taken to UCH as a priority on blue lights.”

    Shopkeeper Fazle Elahi, who works opposite the scene of the accident, said: “The ambulance came really quickly. It looked like the William Hill sign had hit him. A woman at the scene was crying. He wasn't moving.”




    New laws should be put in place

    As an Electrical engineer I have worked on a number of shops along the Camden High street and have noticed how poorly the awnings and signs have been fastened to the buildings fascia’s. An extremely saddening thing has happened and could of been prevented if the correct inspections and requirements for correct installation were put in place. Hopefully this will encourage the council to invest some of the loot obtained from parking fines to building safety inspections.

    My thoughts are with the family and friends, as are I am sure most of the surrounding community

    A.Platt Hampstead


    how could tat happen thats weird the sine shouldhave stayed there

    This seems to happen a lot

    This seems to happen a lot nowadays, I remember - a few months ago a glass window fell on a woman in hanover place and instantly killed her!

    it's terrribly sad!!


    thats disterbing

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