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28th February 2017

Grave of Abraham Lincoln's chiropodist is found in Highgate Cemetery

    Published: 26 February, 2013

    RESEARCHERS at Highgate Cemetery said this afternoon (Tuesday) that they had uncovered the grave of Abraham Lincoln's chiropodist.


    They say the discovery was made as they prepared a new map for visitors, which will now point the way not just to the last resting places of Karl Marx and Jeremy Beadle – but also to the grave Dr Issachar Zacharie, Lincoln's favourite foot-soothing helper. He died in 1900.


    Dr Ian Dungavell, Chief Executive of Highgate Cemetery, said: "Zacharie’s connection with Lincoln is fascinating, and especially topical just now. We’re always keen to celebrate the exceptional achievements of people buried here at Highgate Cemetery. People know us for Karl Marx, but this is a place to reflect on all those who have gone before us, famous or not."


    The map also marks the graves of musician and entrepreneur Malcolm McLaren and actor Corin Redgrave.


    "We don’t expect to see Daniel Day-Lewis round here," said Dr Dungavell. “But you never know.”




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