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24th May 2017

Mother fails in Court of Appeal bid to stop Town Hall placing adopted children with gay couple

    Cllr Angela Mason: ‘The right decision’

    Published: 18 October, 2012

    THE Town Hall has been vindicated in the High Court for placing two boys in need of adoption with a gay couple after facing a legal challenge from their birth mother.

    Camden Council was told by three of the country’s most senior family judges that it had acted appropriately over the adoption and had moved to provide the children, aged four and six, with a loving home.

    If the council had lost the case, it could have had wide-ranging legal ramifications affecting the powers local authorities have to place children with gay and lesbian couples.
    The Court of Appeal in Holborn was told the children’s mother had appealed against an order ruling that she was incapable of looking after the boys only when she discovered they would be placed with two homosexual men.

    Since being given details of the placement, the mother, a highly educated woman who the court was told had been troubled by alcoholism, had fought to get them back.

    The eminent judge, Dame Janet Smith, told the court on Tuesday that the mother and the boys’ father had been “distressed” to learn of the sexual orientation of the prospective adopters. But the judge said of the gay couple: “The evidence was all one way. This couple are suitable adoptive parents and there is no specific reason to think that the placement might fail.”

    The gay couple had, she added, been through a rigorous selection process and Camden was convinced they will “provide a secure and loving home” for the children.

    Dame Janet said the children had been freed for adoption by a judge in September last year. The mother did not appeal against that and only launched her battle to revoke the order in April this year after finding out that her children’s prospective adopters were gay.

    The judge, sitting with Lord Justice Longmore and Lady Justice Black, said the case revealed “a sad human story” of parents who met at a detox clinic but who had never managed to conquer their mutual dependence on alcohol and lost their children as a result.
    Although the mother was “very successful” in early life, she and her partner fought drunkenly in front of their children. The court was told she constantly denied her alcohol dependence and accused police of harassment and fabricating evidence against her.

    Dame Janet said it was clear she was “out of touch with reality and capable of telling a pack of lies”.

    Matters reached a head when she was seen staggering drunkenly in the street and her children found wandering unchecked.

    At the Appeal Court, the mother’s lawyers argued that a month’s intensive treatment for her alcohol abuse had changed her. Attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly, she was now alcohol-free and had severed her relationship with the children’s father.

    However, dismissing her appeal, Dame Janet said time was of the essence for growing children, whose futures needed to be finalised as swiftly as possible.
    “It is just too good to be true that a woman with the deep-seated shortcomings displayed by this mother could have been transformed in four weeks,” she concluded.

    Camden Council, the court heard, has voluntarily agreed not to finalise the children’s placement with the gay couple pending the mother’s application for permission to appeal further to the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court.

    The council’s cabinet member for children, Councillor Angela Mason, said: “We are satisfied that the court has made the right decision.

    “Camden is a borough with a diverse population and we are pleased that our adoption placements reflect that. We pride ourselves on being a borough which values diversity and always tries to find the very best solutions for children in our care. The gay couple who have been approved to take over care from the mother went through a rigorous selection process and we are convinced they will provide a secure and loving home for the children.”

    Additional reporting: Strand News


    Corruption/Legal Fraud & the UK 3rd World Dictators

    The biggest Injustice is that Cafcass/Local Authority (Social Services/CYPD) & solicitors/barristers will Conspire, Collude, Lie, Manipulate & Distort the Truth/factual events in order to legally abduct a Child/Children from often Innocent parent(s), & judges in both lower-courts & high-court(s) & will rubber-stamp these Injustice(s), & the paradox is, yet more & more Children are dying as has been proven by 'baby Peter,' Victoria Climbe, Kyrah Ishaq etc...

    Minsters do nothing/cover-up(s) look the other way. What the UK public cannot understand about Adoption is; there's a shortfall of Children for Adoption so Local Authority (Social Services/CYPD) engage in this activity to secure the Child/Children for the foster-parent(s) & guess what? Both Local Authority's/Foster Parent(s) get a shed-load of ongoing dosh & Psychologist(s)/Psych. with their false Report(s) & courts &,legal person(s) profit on the gravy-train & stay in their job(s) along the way.

    Dosh, dosh, dosh, load’s of dosh, 'wake-up & smell the coffee,' peeples cause it can happen to you, you could be next, you could be that Innocent parent, just like the others. Don’t think it wont happen to me cause that’s what others thought until, it happened to them. Wake up peeps, we're living in the Western-3rd World dictator country & fed all the misinformation via the press e.g. Hillsborough Panel Report; Lawrence Inquiry, Leveson inquiry & report; Saville Report/inquiry…

    what have you learnt?

    There's always a job in it for someone at Camden

    Diversity? Equality? There's always an 'ity' in it somewhere for those running Camden - just as long as it creates VERY well paid jobs for the cohort who want to mould the world to their making. The adage 'the law is an ass' has never been truer than it is today. Appeal, Appeal, Appeal! The judges could not reasonably determine the reason why she chose to oppose the adoption. Maybe she just felt better, more clear headed, more capable. There could be any number of valid reasons. How did this even get to the adoption stage? Why couldn't they just be fostered to see how things went? Were there no other couples or is this just a conveyor belt process? Not fair. Not fair on children who don't get a say in it and as someone else has mentioned, are of an age to have already formed role attachments. Every mother knows how close boys are to their mothers, how can a man playing make believe substitute this? Not fair on the parents that have struggled in the past to have this new burden on their minds and conscience. Perhaps they will be happy if this leads to their suicide?


    Could not have put it better myself



    A serious issue again and controversial too. From one side we would say that Mother wishes a mother for her children so she is not wrong. Another side if children are getting a home from whatever couple, town hall people had taken a right decision in allowing this adoption. 

    Not cool, Sad Though!

    Town Hall held their meeting day after my Appeal hearing, why? Then they said in the court, to prevent mothers case, that they had found adopters.

    If my children can be put for adoption, there is something wrong with the Courts and Local Authority Workings, nothing but lies - ,,,,,,

    Mother of My Children

    Society ain't sick individuals may be

    Is it really in the children's best interest to be brought up by alcoholic parents than a same sex couple. If only these parents had put as much fight and effort into sorting their own lives out rather than standing up for bigotry.


    Type on the internet, you will read scary stories, worse than horror movies. We are trapped families, families split by Local Authorities, torn apart, emotionally, physically drained , pain given to us for the rest of our lives (Children and Parents) - CAMDEN TRAINE YOUR SOCIAL WORKERS

    MOTHER of MY CHILDREN (Love you my Darlings, mummy is still fighting!! - Hold on tight)

    alot of familes are not

    alot of familes are not perfect but i tell you this children our precious and the people in higher power target use their jobs in alot of cases to bend the law to there own advantag. I see u believe what you dont really know about so when you say sort out their lifes... Im not suprised you might be a social worker your self.. Mmm but between me an u achild growing up in a home with alcoholic parents ect is just as worse as being in care or foster. i was a happy child who was taken from a loving family i wont explain why but i hope you stop talkin carlessly dont be a ginue pie for this lost an diverse goverment we have. some eye opening storys about our Great British social system 1 Holly Greg case,

    Get Your Facts Right!

    Then Speak

    Two boys have been removed from a loving and caring home, with full security, emotional well-being. Then case has been twisted - by vultures, namely camden council, alcoholic parents ( 2001????) - Thats horrendous, isn't it?


    you are speaking a load of rubbish. Mother was clean for a year get your facts right - children had the best times of their lives - who is going to were the skirt in the house and i take it you are as you would say gay


    This report is 95% wrong - How did you write this Osley - You have good Imagination

    This is CORRECT

    If the council had lost the case it would have had wide-ranging legal ramifications affecting the powers local authorities have to place children.

    Is this why people lose their children - do I deserve this


    Thankfully, the Camden Council puts "diversity" before children

    It's high time that children be forced to change their views about what constitutes a "normal" parenting situation. At six years old, having a Mum and a Dad has already indoctrinated the child in traditional beliefs - which means the child will probably grow up thinking this is "normal".

    It's much better to artificially create a new "normal", which includes forced indoctrination into the lifestyle of the homosexual couple. Thankfully, the focus of the Council is diversity and not stability for the children.

    After all, alcoholic parents were a little too diverse, so punishing the children by ripping apart their formed concepts of normality and forcing a new identity of same-sex "parents" will surely help these little children feel secure and loved.

    I'm sure this is all done in the very best interests of the children, and not some political points.

    Gay Couple Addoption

    I Think the mothers appeal should be rejected , as we all know why she is doing this. She might not be drinking now . But for sure she will drink again.

    For someone who is very educated and was very successful and had two children did not stop her dependence on alcohol.

    Why this happend to her we might never know. But if she loves her children as we think she does she should let them go and be happy with the gay couple.

    Being gay dies not mean that the children will be gay. Or not love , why people still think that a gay couple cannot be as good of a parent as a straight couple is beyond me.

    I have two children and a grand child my children are all grown up now. But if I was in her position when I raised my children . I would be grateful that someone will take my children away from me and if after a while I did not manage to conquer my demons with alcohol and decided to put my children for adoption I would have been happy that my children were raised by anyone who could provide a loving and secure inviroment for my children whether they were gay or a straight.

    Because as my children they deserve the best start in life. So on that note she should let her children have the best start in life. And allow her children to settle down with their new parents and be happy.

    Children need love, stability and security from anyone who's prepared to give it unconditionally. This child is lucky enough that this gay couple are prepared to give all of that unconditionally. I wish that more children in the same position would be as lucky as these two children.

    To the gay couple i know you are going to be wonderful parents i'll back you all the way. And to the mother, your children deserve to be happy and have the life you meant to give them but you can't .

    It may hurt you now, but you very well know that you still have your demons to fight and if you love your children as I believe you do. You will do the right thing for them in the long run. And who knows if you manage to conquer your demons one day your children will thank you for letting them go and be happy and have the life that they deserve.

    Then they may not thank me! Cos they were loved and cherished

    in their REAL and RIGHTFUL homes

    Mother of My Children

    Sick Society

    Two boys being adopted by two male gay couple.

    I will fight to get them back.


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