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23rd February 2017

HEALTH: Hospital on Iraq mission

    Published: 18 October, 2012

    A TEAM of medical specialists from the Whittington are flying to Iraq with cervical screening and colposcopy equipment.

    The gynaecology specialists will fly to Erbil in northern Iraq to set up a five-day workshop and train Iraqi doctors next week. The Highgate hospital recently bought new cervical screening equipment and decided to give the old machinery to the women of Iraq.

    Whittington consultant gynaecologist Theresa Freeman-Wang, who is a member of the team visiting Iraq, said: “If women are regularly screened for the disease by professionals who have the correct equip-ment and know what they are looking for, many lives can be saved.”

    She added: “In March I ran a cervical screening workshop in India, which was very successful, but this is my first visit to Iraq.”


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