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    Hawley Wharf plans

    Published: 15 March, 2012

    PLANNING chiefs have tonight thrown out developer plans for the Hawley Wharf market site in the heart of Camden Town. Councillors voted 7-5 against the scheme.

    Hundreds turned up to watch the decision taken, with many members of the public having to listen from corridors or in breakout rooms from the main Town Hall chamber. It is thought to be the biggest public attendance at the council's development control committee since the proposals for the King's Cross railwaylands were decided.

    Stanley Sidings,  a conglomerate of developers, own the Hawley Wharf site at Camden Lock and wanted to build a new shopping centre with flats and market spaces and homes. They also planned to include a new primary school.

    But the development, on four different sections of land including the canal-side market space which was devastated by the Camden Fire in 2008, was opposed by hundreds of people who say it is badly designed, ignores the wishes of locals, is too bulky and will simply increase the number of night time party-goers and tourists buying tat.

    Officials in Camden Council's planning department had recommended to councillors that the scheme should be approved. It was also supported by business interest group, Camden Town Unlimited.

    In a knife-edge vote, however, councillors decide to throw out the scheme. The committee had heard passionate deputations from a series of opponents, including councllors Chris Naylor, Matt Sanders and Pat Callaghan.

    Dan Carrier was the journalist who first revealed what the Hawley Wharf plans looked like. You can read his original article from last year HERE. See more from him on tonight's meeting on our website tomorrow.

    Have your say on the future of Camden Lock: Use the comments box below or contact Dan at



    I think most of us are in agreement that the market area needs some radical changes. Firstly being the dropping of market rents so all our eclectic designers and craftspeople can afford to return to bring about a much needed vibrancy to the area. We don't need another shopping mall type experience - 4-5 storeys high?! No thank you.
    How about: artists workshops, small performance area, a couple of nice cafes fronting the canal, a host of pretty market stalls set on gravel or cobbles, seating areas on grass with trees and planting.
    No need to knock down all those mechanic businesses and old houses...What for?
    We need to focus on the daytime activities of the market and less on the nightlife. Too many late night bars and clubs have led to frequent troubles with fighting and a most recent killing, pools of vomit and urine on our pavements and in our front gardens. So more police on the streets at night please or withhold some of the drinking licenses when up for renewal. And if the parents of Camden Town need a new school, let Camden build one for them away from the market. Let the parents be heard too in their own campaign.
    There is a local group that has been running for a while: Hawley Wharf Action Group. Please contact them with your views and suggestions. Let your voice be heard.

    Hawley wharf

    I completely agree with all the criticisms of this proposed ruination of another large section of the Camden lock .

    Grossly huge , aggressively ugly ..... A new school and a small amount of new housing , SOME of which will be social housing put into the app. As a sop to take people's minds off the total ruin to the character of the area .......even more traffic .....more mindless. Tourists drifting around buying useless tat and dropping rubbish. From. The junk food ...and bottles from the boozing that will go on into the late hours . And what about the early Victorian houses in Hawley road ...surely at least one of them has a preservation order ? And that ghastly arch ..... What possible reason ...apart from making it visible for miles around can there be for that Arch ?

    Presumably .. More policing will be needed . To control the crowds and the extra traffic. ..... Which will have to be payed for .....presumably by local council tax payers . The people who ,sadly, own the market have already
    Ruined the stables market in their greed. For maximising their profits. And the cafe which used to be separated fom the towpath near the lower lock is now
    Overflowing onto the towpath since they removed the fencing ...
    Sorry I could go on for ever ......if there is anything I can do to help with the fight against it please let me know

    Pat. Barson

    It's not over yet...

    I agree, it looks as though the developers will put together a new proposal to overturn the decision, it's quite a close vote. It's a shame a fair amount of people remain unaware of such dramatic changes until it becomes to late. If the proposed/ simillar kind of development was to get approved at a later date it has potential to bring much needed income to local businesses and provide a school but as we all know from seeing Camden and its Markets changing over the years things don't tend to work out so smoothly. We must remember that tourists and consumers are attracted to Camden because it is not Spitalfields or Covent garden.


    For anyone that has a family and bills to pay this was a complete disaster! Let us face it, Camden today is a crime ridden s*** hole, this development could have done tremendous for all of us here! I saw the pictures of the proposed development, save me the bullocks it is 10000 times better than what we have now! I have 2 children, the new school would have done wonders for my wife and I! I am very upset about this!

    Hawley wharf

    "the new school would have done wonders for my wife and I!" Oh how noble and selfless of you. Yes, how dare anyone not take into consideration the needs of your wife and you! No-one forced you to have children so don't make out you're some elite class that requires special attention.

    Me and my partner choose not to have kids because there's too many effin' people in the world already, sucking up finite resources. As a bonus we also don't go around spouting selfish rubbish. This development is about more issues than making you and your wife's life a bit easier you know. Get used to being upset.

    Hawley wharf

    New school? what about the loss of the social housing? What is the point of having a new school if the teachers come and go every year because they can't afford the ridiculous rents charged by private sector landlords? The Council planners have a vacant (larger) site they could have allocated to the school but they want to sell it off to developers.

    Tight vote however ...

    I am encouraged by the fact that they have been told to put right what they have already developed without permission on the fire site. I'm hoping the developer has narked the council so much that they will find the b****s to keep the plans in check. The thought of a rooftop restaurant open until midnight by the same owners as the ugly monstrosity Gilgamesh is only one of the things that scare me witless.

    Developers win on appeal

    As ever, when this goes to the Planning Inspector on appeal Camden will put in a half-arsed defence and the appellants/developers will muster a dazzling array of planning QCs etc to overturn the decision. Defeating the appeal over the plan to demolish the Pizza Express building on Prince of Wales Rd was a miraculous exception to this rule.

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