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24th May 2017

REVEALED: 30ft Rio-style statue plan for Primrose Hill to mark end of Olympics

    How a replica of the Rio statue could look standing over Primrose Hill

    Published: January 26, 2012

    A SECRET plan to build a giant replica of the Rio De Janeiro statue of Christ The Redeemer close to the summit of Primrose Hill has been uncovered by the New Journal.

    The scheme, which is yet to go before the Town Hall’s planning department, is to be funded by the Brazilian government to celebrate the end of the London 2012 Olympics and mark the moment the city of Rio takes on the Olympic mantle for the 2016 Games.

    But the proposal, based on the world famous statue which overlooks Rio from the heights of Corcovado mountain, is already dividing opinion.

    Friends of Primrose Hill chairman Malcolm Kafetz said: “I do not see why it should go there. I think it sounds unsuitable for a piece like this. It does not represent anything of England or Primrose Hill. Primrose Hill is a place for people to go and enjoy the view. I will be bringing this up with the Friends committee.”

    A planning consultancy based in London has been employed by Brazil’s tourist agency to hold a public meeting to display the designs.

    Emails seen by the New Journal reveal organisers asking for secrecy over the scheme so that when it is unveiled after this summer’s Games are over there is a “wow” factor – and a big surprise – for people living nearby.

    In a message sent to a handful of Primrose Hill residents, the designers and planning team said the statue would provide a focal point for “the world’s media at the end of the handover”.

    They added: “The structure that has been selected is iconic in nature and synonymous with Rio. The intention is for a planning application to be submitted in February.”

    Other regular visitors to Primrose Hill said they would withhold judgment until the plans were unveiled.

    The Primrose Hill Community Associa­tion’s Maureen Betts said she had been approached and that they were planning to hold a meeting to discuss the plans with the designers before they go to Camden Council’s planning committee with the scheme. She added: “I personally would not mind if it was temporary and it depends on what it looks like.”

    Her views were echoed by the Primrose Hill Conservation Area Committee’s Pam White.

    She said: “I have no objections if it is temporary and we are looking forward to seeing the designs. The Royal Parks have already desecrated the top of Primrose Hill against our advice.”

    Primrose Hill Lib Dem councillor Chris Naylor said he wasn’t sure a 30ft statue of Christ with his arms outstretched was quite what the area needed.

    He added: “If they want to put something on the hill I think they need to get some more original ideas. This sounds a bit like some marketing brainstorm which hasn’t been thought through.”

    A spokesman for planning consultants Dalton Warner Davis, who are helping put together an application for the Brazilian Tourist Board and Camden-based designers See Me, Hear Me, Feel Me Ltd, said they were not prepared to comment on any details, adding: “There are a number of options regarding design and location being considered and therefore it is premature to comment.”

    A spokesman for Primrose Hill managers the Royal Parks said they had had no contact with the Brazilian Tourist Board over the idea. The spokesman added: “Any plans would have to go though the relevant application process.”


    rio redeemer statue

    Lovely, jolly good!

    why are you squashing me with a stupid statue?

    amazingly hostile comments from the christians against atheists. does the statue in rio have some amazing, deep connection to primrose hill? do other religions get the same privelage, or is it just christ who is sponsoring the olympics? why is christ being thrust upon a game which has no links to christianity? remember, it was the greeks who did the olympics in honour of zeus, so for evey christian crying that theyr rights are being squashed, please ask why it is ok to impose your religion on this? and finally - the olympics is a sporting event, not a pray-athon, and i'm sure rio has something, anything, other than a big statue of jesus, or why else are the olympics being held there?

    From the placing of a statue to religion?

    I grew up playing on Primrose Hill and I have long held the conviction that it was originally an artificial hill to rival Silbury. However, the reason I would be against such a figure, even temporarily, is that it does not achieve the result it is intended for, which is to promote an event meant to inspire unity. The original Olympic Games were a time of truce and the coming together of nations, the ideal for which they were revived. It is painfully obvious from the postings here that a statue of Christ, even one so associated with a city as a landmark, will not do that.

    As an aside, I have to worry about the faith that drives so many "Christians" to snarl and spit at those with different beliefs, in particular Atheists (yes I am one). What is it about people that get on fine without the need of a god that they feel threatens them so much? The endless repeat of favourite quotations only seek to bewilder me in as much as they so often dispute old and new testaments when Jesus is attributed as saying (in Mark) that he was not trying to change a word of 'the law', which in that context meant the old testament. Cherry picking quotes only seems to defeat their arguments as they either believe in the whole package, in their case the Bible, or they don't.

    People, you need to travel more!

    I don't know if you read the entire text, but the idea is to represent Rio de Janeiro when London hands over the baton to the next Olympic holder. As Big Ben is to London, Eiffel Tower is to Paris and The Statue of Liberty is to New York, so is the statue of Christ the Redeemer to Rio de Janeiro: it's a symbol by which it's recognized. So, people, improve your culture!

    People you need to travel more

    Dear cultured world traveller:

    Still don't get what a statue of Christ, built by the Catholic community is Brazil has the least symbolic connection with the Olympics. But, I do guarantee that if there's enough money behind the project it will happen.

    It's about the handover to

    It's about the handover to Rio for the Olympics 2016 - not some big religious statement ! Would work as a temporary idea.

    It's about the handover

    Oh I see a gimmick... like the statue of let say Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. You've made my point. That statue, whether you like it or not, is a Faith statement, and not some gimmick. Highly inappropriate to use it as a symbol of a HANDOVER !

    Christ and the Olympics

    I'm sorry but I don't get the connection between Christ and the Olympics. Just as I don't get the connection between Christ and silly Christmas shopping. To me this is a horrid desecration of the Person of Christ, to connect Him with every piece of cultural inanity is an insult. Exodus 20:7.'s about the's about the handover to Rio for 2016. Statue of Christ overlooking Rio .

    give us Barabus

    ...and the crowd screamed out, "give us Barabus, crucify the king of the Jews." And it continues on even in our own time. The message is clear. Many that have eyes will not see, and many with ears will not hear...for their hearts are cold.
    The crowds screaming out for a culture of death are echoing the crowds call for Jesus' death over 2000 years ago. You Choose your eternity! Let the statue shine forth to a cold dark world that refuses to see or hear.

    An island of bigots

    The UK has become a nation of Christian bigots.

    It looks more like they're

    It looks more like they're anit-Christian bigots. We seem to have penty of those around these days !

    Who do you say that I am?

    The very name of "CHRIST" still carries as much POWER today as it did 2000 years ago. What other name has this effect on people. You either love him or hate him but you will choose a side lol. Cant you see him separating the wheat in these posts? Lol me I choose to love and FEAR my saviour Jesus Christ. Who do you say that he is? Powerless? All powerful? Repent today right now or would you be to afraid to realize your not as you advertise?

    atheist hypocrisy

    Atheists subscribe to modernism, which is based on moral relativism and subjective fundamentalism, but in their day to day actions, they are absolutist. Such hypocrisy. The majority of people in England believe in the teachngs of Christ, who taught tolerance. In fact, Jesus is a symbol of Tolerance! It is actually the left and the atheist elite who preach Intolerance, under the guise of Tolerance!

    Athiest are so sensitive. Go

    Athiest are so sensitive. Go in your little Atheist chamber and do what ever you do. Let the Christioans do what we do!


    Definition of bigotry: (n) stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own

    It's at least as much a leap of faith to believe in universal spontaneous generation as it is to believe in a benevolent creator! Atheism has become it's own religion (with it's own brand of zealotry and religious persecution)

    Blind faith versus faith founded on fact

    The foundation of actual Science is observable fact. What human being has ever observed Life arise apart from Life (or Life's programs)? Who's ever witnessed newer, more complex genetic program, structure, and function arise by only random, natural processes?

    Would anyone believe that the device with which he is reading these comments arose spontaneously from only the raw materials of which it is composed?

    Yet, human beings -- incredibly sophisticated super-systems of highly-complex, Von Neumann-type, metabolic machines -- must have arisen from the mud accidentally by way of maggots, mice, and monkeys!

    That's brilliant.

    It takes a universe of blind faith to believe Darwin's Creation Myth, whereas we have copious amounts of actual evidence for Christ.

    Darwinism? That's not Science, that's science fiction.

    Great idea

    the one in Brasil is awesome....and I'm an atheist.

    Christ and the Olympics

    Do y'all not know that Christianity made Europe?

    MADE Europe. Greco-Roman civilization would've given you nothing.

    Catholicism gave you separation of church and state. Catholicism gave you human rights. German civilization gave you responsible democracy.

    Read your Tocqueville.

    Mohamed is OK

    I wonder if the same maggot "haters" would oppose a statue of Mohamed or Obama.

    Oh Dear.... here comes the Angry Atheists....

    Spitting venom.... spewing hatred.... feigning injury, filled with self-righteousness, The Angry Atheists..... a sympathetic lot, if your idea of a good time is gargling with Lye.

    Jesus My Saviour

    Atheists are too sensitive. Why dont they just go into there little Blood Chamber and do what ever they do. In turn they need to my there own business and let us Christians do what we do!

    I'd like to offer an opinion

    Sadly I have literally no idea what this is supposed to mean.

    Atheists want from to mock religion...

    ...but they don't want anyone to question their motives and desires to rewrite history or reject Christianity as having literary or historical importance.


    Why the atheist elite is so terrified to see or hear about Christ? Well if tolerance is for all, Christ should be included in the list too. Remember you atheists are the vocal proponents of tolerance, practice it.

    Um, because - if he existed,

    Um, because - if he existed, he's nothing more than one of todays many religious figures. He's not special. Religious people need to grow up and stop imposing their popular hobby on the world around them. It's a fine hobby, enjoy it at home and in church. That's nice. Have fun with your friends.

    Don't brand the rest of the world with your delusions. It's not real.

    Christians are commissioned to spread the gospel

    You think we are imPosing our beliefs but we are merely doing what Jesus instructed christians to do to spread the gospels to the ends of the earth. It is important that everyone knows the truth because much is at stake.

    Christ and Uk loss of faith

    It should come as no surprise That there are those who oppose Christ in the UK. Christianity in the UK has fallen dramatically over the years just like in America. Thus there will be resistance against all that is good and holy. Ironically it is Christ who can save us all from collapse and the calamities that await us and yet we as a people still do not recognize and acknowledge the good God.

    Christ's redemption...

    Amen, brother!


    We feel disgusted with bullcrap becau8se it never stops

    The Olympic Movement is purely Pagan

    A rebirth of the Greeks deification of a man's (and woman's) physical attributes. Hence the nude headless statues in the Roman , eh I mean Los Angeles Coliseum.

    Listen to what Jesus said and decide for yourself

    "I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you."

    "But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, For He is kind to the unthankful and evil. Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful. "

    This is Christianity one and one. Would you love someone who recommend you do this? Is He a kind Lord. Turn away from your sins. Repent today and confess that Jesus is Lord. Black or white, Asian or American, British or Spanish, French or African it does not matter. You are born not by your decision and one thing that is certain is that you will die one day. The moment you are born, you begin to move closer to your grave. Jesus is calling you today to love, love and love. That is all that matters. Would you do so?

    You have the freedom to chose life today. When you die, that is when the real life begins. What will be for you? Eternal life. Jesus shed His blood for you. The punishment that you deserve, He took it away. All you have to do is accept His gift of life. If not you will die eternal death, by your own choice. So think about it today, because tomorrow is not a sure thing.

    Above Comment

    So you want to be a preacher. Just because you you quote from the bible DOESN'T make the act correct. The problem with some Christians is that whenever they feel there's another opinion on a subject, they just quote a palm or verse, and that's all that's needed to make ANY action right.
    If you want to follow a "book" to guide every thought and action in YOUR life, that's fine; but DON'T expect the rest of humanity to also submit to your form of brainwashing. What amazes me is how you all believe in Jesus, yet have formed so many different branches that have killed each other in the past, yet still want everyone else to be just like you!

    Truth and brainwashing

    Sure we Christians are brained washed but aren't we all in something or other? Many are brainwashed to the lies that the government and civic leaders claim to be truth but isn't it more logical to be brainwashed in the truth of the word of God?

    You are insane. Delusional.

    You are insane. Delusional. Really. See someone.

    Good luck.

    Jesus Christ

    I love him and I fully repent of my wickedness, Thank You JESUS!

    It's a statute that is iconic

    It's a statute that is iconic to Brazil, that's all. It seems any hint of Christianity causes derangement in so many people. Take a deep breath, hoist a pint, relax, get on with your lives.

    That's because religions are

    That's because religions are irrational and foster dangerous authoritarian rule. Look at the mid-east.

    Have your pint but protect yourself and your civilization from deranged extremists who rely on supernatural authority - that only they know. Or, pay the price. Dark-age style.


    Cheers. I'll have another one please.

    The Second Commandment

    To put up something like this is a flagrant violation of the 2nd Commandment, which forbids graven images, etc. I am a Christian of Reformed Protestant convictions and I don't even want to look at something like this. No one knows what Jesus looked like - by God's design and through His sovereignty; cf. Isaiah 53 - and we should not limit Him by means of an attempted depiction of Him through a product of our own feeble minds. This "monument" should not happen.

    Jesus is (St. Jn:1.18) God

    Jesus is (St. Jn:1.18) God become visible (St. Jn:12.44-45 St. Jn:14.7,9-10), because, He is God the Word (St. Jn:1.1) incarnate (St. Jn:1.14), the second Person of the Divine Trinity (St. Mtt:28.19), so, did not ban religious images (St. Matthew:19.18-19)?: Nor, did Martin Luther and the early Lutherans, nor, the Church of England.
    Images were banned (Ex:20.4-6 Deut:5.8-10), only, because God was not seen in a visible form by the Israelites (Deut:4.12,15-18), but, Jesus is the fulness of God in bodily form (Col:1.19 Col:2.9), Who, to see is to see the Father (Col:1.15 Heb:1.2-3).
    Rejection of images is a denial of the incarnation of God the Word (1 St. Jn:4.2-3).



    in re The Second Commandment

    I certainly hope "The Second Commandment" has no photos of loved ones in his home - those images, too, would be forbidden under the second commandment. A lesson in the difference between worship and veneration is probably necessary here, and, refusing that, perhaps he has more in common with the Islamic faith than he realizes. A more careful reading of the similes of Isaiah 53 is also in order.

    the only time your monument

    the only time your monument becomes dangerous is when idiots bow down before it and love it adding some offering. Anybody bowing down to the statue of liberty is crazy too.


    As a Christian also, I would like to encourage you to relax a little. Isaiah isn't a New Testament verse, and in fact God did give us a physical, living form to look at. We just didn't have cameras at the time, did we? The image of Jesus used in Rio is based on the stylized impression of the man we once saw, though most scholars believe that impression is inaccurate. So...have some grace and instead acknowledge the purpose of the stylization: it's a symbol of our Lord and Savior, and you should be happy that someone would dedicate themselves to artistic expression for the purpose of glorifying God. And if not, I will encourage you to read Romans again, which reminds us that we should not condemn what other Christians find holy or wrong. I do not condemn you for your belief - honestly I think they are quite well-intentioned, though I disagree - nor do I think you less a Christian. Ultimately your relationship with Jesus Christ is the true testament to your faith, and I have no right to question that. My point is that, regardless of what either of us think, I encourage you not to publicly condemn this statue based on your faith.

    God didn't give tou anything

    God didn't give tou anything I my guess is you know that. Stop deluding yourself. It's pointless.

    nice try!

    The statue in question is not an object of worship as indicated by the commandment forbiding the building of such.

    Rather Rude

    I am not an athiest or a Christian. I think that it is rather rude to put something like that up for the Olympics given the number of other religions held by the participants.


    I couldn't agree with you more. It's an insult to all other religions and athiests as well. If any Christian feels it's in good taste, please remember EVERY OTHER RELIGION LOOKS UPON IT AS "BRAGGING" RIGHTS. OH, OUR JESUS IS THE BEST..IT SAYS SO IN OUR BIBLE. It's an Olympic game NOT a religious statement. The games them self represent a coming together of all different people in peace.

    What if ...

    ... other faiths were to also put up icons of theirs?

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