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24th May 2017

Café that’s home for Sherlock Holmes, and a tourist attraction! - Speedy's has worldwide fans

    Speedy’s in North Gower Street and Benedict Cumberbatch
    Café staff Kamila and Simona

    Published: 12 January 2012

    A CAFE has become an offbeat tourist attraction after being used as the prime setting in the hit BBC drama Sherlock.

    Fans of the updated version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories stop to have their photo taken outside Speedy’s sandwich bar and café in North Gower Street, Euston.

    The detective famously lived at 221B Baker Street and although the address stays the same in the Bafta-winning series, it is actually filmed half a mile away above the café.

    The second series of the show – starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and now a Sunday night fixture watched by millions – has only increased the numbers making the pilgrimage to Speedy’s.

    Owner Chris Georgiou said, “There has been a lot of interest – a lot of people taking photos.

    People come here from all over the world – Japan, South Korea, America, Canada.

    One lady said to me, ‘It's so famous in South Korea’.”

    He added that the Sherlock crew – which numbers around 40 on a typical day – are very considerate to his business.

    “They film around us – they film when we're closed,” he said.

     “I wouldn’t normally watch it, but I have a special interest.

    I don’t normally watch it straight away, but on BBC iPlayer.”

    And, proud of its place in television history, Mr Georgiou has a framed photograph of Speedy’s appearance in the show’s pilot – which reportedly cost £800,000 to make.

    BBC location managers decided to film in North Gower Street rather than Baker Street because it was less busy.


    Filming in North Gower Street

    I heard that it was also because too many things on Baker Street said "Sherlock" or "Holmes."

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