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25th March 2017

Injuries spark 20mph speed limit for West End Lane traffic

    Published: 27 October 2011

    WEST Hampstead is set to become a 20mph zone in a bid to tackle the high number of serious accidents on the area’s roads.

    New figures show that there have been 39 accidents on West End Lane over the past three years, four of which resulted in serious injuries.

    As well as reducing the speed from 30 to 20mph, the Town Hall plans to make substantial changes to the architecture of the road to further calm the traffic.

    The pavement near the junction with Inglewood Lane would be widened to create more space for pedestrians and a narrower road for cars.

    In response to complaints by residents that drivers did not wait for pedestrians to fully cross the road before continuing, the Fawley Road zebra crossing will be split into two by a new pedestrian island.

    Meanwhile an island will be removed at Lymington Road and the pavement will be built out further to reduce the long crossing distance.

    The busy thoroughfare is expected to become even more congested when station improvements at the West Hampstead Thameslink are finished in December. 

    If the planned works go through they will be carried out between November this year and March 2012.

    Virginia Berridge, of West Hampstead Amenity and Transport, said the plan seemed more sensible and less disruptive than previous attempts at traffic calming in West End Lane.

    But she added: “It is interesting that they are talking about removing some street clutter.

    What we really need is someone to come along and look at the road as a whole as the clutter has become a real issue on the road.

    “Instead of just getting rid of their signs it would be great if someone could take it upon themselves to get rid of all the useless redundant signs down the whole street.” 


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