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24th May 2017

CAMDEN RIOTS: 800 teens sent texts by Camden Council warning them away from riots

    Police stop a masked youth on Camden High Street on Monday

    Published: 11 August 2011

    MORE than 800 teenagers and young people have been sent text messages by Camden Council telling them to stay at home after 6pm in the wake of Monday’s rioting in Camden Town and Chalk Farm.

    The idea of sending messages direct to young people’s Blackberrys and iPhones was an attempt to dissuade them from heading to trouble hotspots. Hundreds were in the streets throughout Monday night during some of the worst scenes of public disorder ever to hit the borough.
    Rioters clashed with police, some looted shops and others simply watched, giggling. The council has since sent staff to the homes of more than 250 young people for meetings with their parents, and decided to go further by sending out hundreds of texts. Stronger tactics have been adopted by police and an almost unprecedented “lockdown” operation has been in place over the past two nights. 



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