The Independent London Newspaper
27th April 2017

Save the Whittington: Key report will not be made public

    NHS bosses are refusing to release a report that is believed to be driving shock proposals to shut the Whittington's accident and emergency department.
    The McKinsey consultancy firm has advised NHS London that 60 per cent of A&E visits and 50 per cent of outpatient appointments can be met in super-size walk in health centres and “polyclinics”.
    This report's findings is being used by NHS London as “proof” of a “case for change” – but they are refusing to allow public scrutiny of the so-called clinical evidence.
    A spokesman said NHS London was “inclined to withhold this information as we are considering how best to make the relevant information publicly available”.
    More than 80,000 attended the Whittington casualty department last year and provided around 200,000 outpatient appointments.
    It means super size health centres in Islington, Camden and Haringey would have to pick up around 50,000 extra emergency patients each year and treat 100,000 non emergency appointments
    So far, only one so called “GP led health centre” has been commissioned in Islington and NHS Camden has scrapped proposals to open a GP led health centre in Euston following a legal challenge by anti-privatisation campaigners.
    GP leaders have warned they will not be able to cope with a massive increase in workload.
    A coalition of patients fighting to stop the plans will march through Islington next month.



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