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26th April 2019

Help for disabled burglary victim, 9

    Bailey with mum Leyla

    Mum ‘touched by kindness’ after son watched masked raiders take games from bedroom

    THERE was a huge wave of sympathy and support this week for nine-year-old Bailey who watched in terror as masked youths ransacked his home.
    Since last week’s story the Tribune has received dozens of offers of donations to buy Bailey, who uses a wheelchair, a new Play­Station after his own console was stolen by the thieves. The story of the boy received further prominence after Bailey appeared on ITV London.
    His mother, bar worker Leyla Ismet, said: “We are genuinely touched by all the kindness and support we have received. It seems like good things can sometimes come after bad.”
    Bailey, who is unable to walk and suffers from cerebral palsy, had just returned home from High Weston school in Old Street, when the youths walked into his bedroom.
    He said: “They were quite hor­rible and they had black masks over their mouths.
    “They said to me, ‘don’t worry mate, we won’t do nothing to you’. But I thought they were very cruel. They took my PlayStation.”
    A friend of the family had collected Bailey from the school bus and taken him indoors, but briefly left the front door unlocked.
    The robbers, who were also wearing hoodies – and who may have been watching the ground floor maisonette off Liverpool Road – walked in and began to help themselves to the equipment.
    The friend was told to keep ­quiet while the youths grabbed a TV, lap-top, and a DVD player. They also took Bailey’s X-Box, and Wii, along with recently purchased Christmas presents.
    Leyla Ismet said there were no words to describe the heartlessness of the thieves.
    “To walk into someone’s home is bad enough,” she added.
    “But to steal equipment and games belonging to a little boy in a wheelchair is beyond belief. I suppose we should be lucky that he wasn’t hurt but it was a terrible shock.”
    The thieves grabbed the keys to Ms Ismet’s mobility car, put the stolen equipment in the back, and drove off.
    Islington police are investigating the incident.


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