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23rd April 2019

Festive funds Calendar raises trips cash

    Soho Parish School pupils Catia Catres, Kenny Harris and Iris Watson with their

    CHILDREN at Soho Parish School have created a giant advent calendar they hope will help them to raise money for school trips to the countryside.
    Each advent window is sponsored by a local business, organisation or individual for £50. So far 20 squares have been sponsored, raising a total of £1,000.
    The cash will go towards subsidising trips out of London. During their time at the school, every student is given the chance to go on three week-long trips to the countryside where they help out on farms and learn about the animals.
    Janice Tandros, the school’s learning mentor and member of the parent teacher association, who organised the calendar, said that many of the children had never been outside the capital.
    “It’s a great opportunity for them to find out where their food is grown and produced,” she added.
    The advent calendar, which stands at over two metres tall, was painted by Anita Coppins, the school chef, while the individual windows were painted by children from Year 6.


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