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26th April 2019

Bid to trace brothers of man found dead

    Woman issues appeal after tragic lonely death of her ex-husband

    A WIDOW has launched a last-minute bid through the Tribune to track down her ex-husband’s long-lost brothers in time for his funeral next Friday.
    Joan Wilson hopes that tracing her former husband Trevor John Wilson’s brothers may console her son, Spencer, who found his father dead in his flat, off Caledonian Road last month.
    Spencer, 41, who suffers from learning difficulties, has been left devastated.
    Mr Wilson, 64, had been dead for at least a week when his body was discovered.
    Mrs Wilson is now hoping to track down his brothers Peter and Michael, who he hadn’t seen for at least 25 years.
    The family were brought up in Balls Pond Road and it is believed Peter – born on July 24, 1958 and Michael, born in May 1950 – may still live in the area.
    “Trevor had two brothers he hadn’t seen for years because the family’s sort of split up,” said Mrs Wilson. “My son hasn’t seen his uncles since he was a ­little baby.
    “I saw one when I was on a bus in Essex Road in 2000. I saw the back of him but knew straight away because he looks so much like my son.
    “We’ve planned the funeral for next Friday [December 18] at 1pm so it would be lovely if we could find his brothers before then.”
    Trevor lived in Bonnington House, Killick Street.
    Mrs Wilson said: “He was found dead in the flat by my son who is absolutely devastated. They said his death was inconclusive but they are doing toxicology tests. He had a carer who would check on him and the carer went away. I get a lot of letters from my ex so when they stopped I thought it was weird.”
    When Spencer went round to visit he found his dad lying in the bathroom.
    Mrs Wilson said: “My son said, ‘Dad’s on the floor in the bathroom and I think he’s dead’. Imagine hearing this from your child. He was there for one or two weeks.
    “How can somebody in this day and age be left for that long?”
    Mr Wilson’s family history took another twist last year when a half-sister he never knew existed got in contact from New Zealand. She had been sent there during the war.
    “He was happy to be in touch but he died before he ever met her,” said Mrs Wilson.
    “She had asked if we could find the other two.”
    Mr Wilson worked with his father at Express Dairies before moving on to a bakery in Hoxton.
    In later years he was a driver but when he lost his job he turned to alcohol and his marriage broke up. But he remained in regular contact with Mrs Wilson
    His funeral will take place at St Pancras crematorium, East Finchley, at 2pm.
    The family will meet outside Aytons Funeral Directors on the corner of Carnegie Street and Caledonian Road at 1pm.

    • Do you know Peter and Michael Wilson? If you can help reunite them with their nephew Spencer, call 0207 424 3249.


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