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24th April 2017

Name that island! Hampstead Heath managers haven't come up with name for new attraction

    The new island on the boating pond

    Published: 12 October, 2016

    A NEW island created at the Highgate boating pond will not be given an official name by Hampstead Heath managers – so the New Journal wants readers to step in with a few ideas for them. The island is one of the new features of the £23million dam-strengthening work on Hampstead Heath, set to be completed this month.

    Pathways around the pond and to the island were quietly opened yesterday (Wednesday) by Heath staff, allowing walkers to access the western side of the pond for the first time in two years. 

    The City of London, which manages the Heath, has been building up the banks of ponds as a flood defence. 

    Members of a ponds working party, made up of Heath users and City staff, suggested an official name for the new spot should be considered, but City insiders say there are no plans to do so. With it set to become a popular meeting place and attraction, the New Journal is calling on readers to help name the island.

    Dog walker Clive Greisch said yesterday (Wednesday): “It looks lovely – they have made a nice feature. Why not name it after the original engineer who built the reservoirs?”

    Susan Micinitti, who walks on the Heath every day, suggested naming it Milly’s Island, after the dog walked there by Sheila Karsberg, the pensioner killed by a cement truck in Camden Town last month. 

    She would regularly take her dog Milly Snowflake around the Heath. 

    Other suggestions include Cortina Island, a reference to the car found at the bottom of the pond when work began.

    Send any suggestions for the island’s name to or by post to 40 Camden Road, London NW1 9DR.


    Faux island

    I think Faux Island would be a good name. I am really disappointed that the water doesn't flow all the way around the so called "island". Am I the only one?

    Al Alvarez is the only choice!

    There is only one name for the island at the Highgate boating pond – Al Alvarez Island.

    There can only be one candidate: our celebrated resident poet, writer, climber, poker player – and most important of all, pond swimmer Al.

    Not an island!

    a tract of land completely surrounded by water, and not large enough to be called a continent.
    'Notanisland' might be a good name, shame it could;t be connected with a bridge instead of attached by land.

    Here is my tuppence worth

    Island mcislandface

    Name of the new Island

    Hello beautiful People !!! What comes to mind for this awesome island , just by looking at the trees and how long they live , maybe call it Eternity Island. Something to symbolize Love , Life, Peace, Calmness, Unity . Just a thought .

    Wishing you all and the Camden New Journal Team a wonderful weekend ! Love karen

    Name that island

    Isle of Dwight.
    Because he deserves it.

    Isle of Dwight or Little Europe

    Dwight Poler is a long standing Hampsteader and pond swimmer. Otherwise, if you want to play to the local Remain majority, "Little Europe" would be well

    Isle of Dwight

    I dont even know this guy but how fitting in a pond between two cold winter ponds that it is named after a Polar Explorer

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